Dusmo is a long established brand of sweeping compounds that have been manufactured in the UK since 1906.  Dusmo is used to cleanse and maintain hard floor surfaces, with small amounts applied to the floor surface before sweeping commences.  The active ingredients in Dusmo attract dust and dirt particles to the compound as it is swept along thus speeding up cleaning times and helping to quickly clean floors and supress potential airborne dust whilst sweeping.

There are many industries that rely on Dusmo to keep a control of dirt and fine dust within their workplace or public areas. Dusmo is supplied to a schools, colleges, hospitals, as well as dusty manufacturing facilities, warehouses, builders' merchants, building sites, power stations, and garages etc.


Why Dusmo?


Many industries in the UK operate with an accepted a level of airborne dust within the working environment, believing that it is often too difficult a task to tackle economically.  This can lead to health and safety issues for staff, potential damage to machinery, as well as damage to stock caused by dust settlement.  If there are issues within a retail environment, then public exposure to airborne dust may also have to be dealt with.

By using Dusmo to sweep up within such problem areas, dirt and airborne dust can be easily managed, and such issues, readily addressed.  Dusmo not only controls the dust levels within buildings and workplaces, it can speed up cleaning times also.

Made from UK locally sourced sustainable ingredients, Dusmo has a minimum impact on the environment.  Furthermore, Dusmo does not contain any harmful ingredients, and requires only small amounts to treat large floor areas.

New customers are always surprised how effective it is, and often become long standing clients who rely on the simple idea of the addition of a small amount of Dusmo to the daily sweep up routine, easily solves this long standing problem.

Dusmo Overview