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Dustcheck Limited provides:

  • Dust control products
  • Dust extraction equipment
  • Dust Filtration equipment
  • Bespoke dust control systems

Dustcheck offers dust control and dust extraction solutions for all manufacturing processes which produce air bourne dust, with their years of experience they do this in the most cost effective way, utilising their advanced range of products. The product range of highly efficient dust collectors comprises, silo venting, insertable venting, cased filters for ducted systems, bag tip units and compactors, centralised vacuum units, inlet and inline safety filters, cyclones and special designs, all compliant to ATEX where required.

Dustcheck are acknowledged leaders of cartridge filtration technology offering the advantages of compact size, high efficiency, simple, clean design, cost effective maintanence and also offer mechanical shake and reverse jet bag filters.
An experienced team offers design to installation service for complete systems and after sales servicing, LEV and COSHH compliance and products and systems can be ATEX compliant a specialist area we cover with our experience and detailed knowledge of these regulations.

Dustcheck are the sole UK and Ireland distributors of the Mahle Industrial air filter range of products. Our customer focused approach means we aim aim to produce a service and product which gives the customer the best possible solution.

We are ISO9001 registered which offers a structural organisation to our customer and compliance with regulative, safety, contractual and quoting standards ensuring Dustcheck’s professional capability and confidence that the client will receive complete satisfaction.


At Dustcheck, we offer a complete consultation, design, manufacture and installation service for dust control systems and industrial dust filtration and dust extraction systems, for all manufacturing industries.

Silo Venting Filters

Silo or Hopper top mounted venting filters to return product automatically, serving  silos fed by road tankers and pneumatic conveying systems.

Process and Insertible Venting Filters

These venting filters are designed for mounting on a process where the product is automatically returned into the system – eliminating secondary handling of the filtered product.

A comprehensive range of rectangular and circular designs with either clean side or dirty side removal filter access.

Vessel Venting Filters

Vessel venting filters are for mounting into vessels which need to vent displaced air and return product, automatically back into the process – replacing the ‘floppy sock’.

Cased Filters

Cased filters serve applications where a ductwork connection to the extraction point is required. The cased filters range covers rectangular and circular designs, clean and dirty side filter access, collection bin or automatic discharge systems, integral fans, explosion relief, silencing and special controls etc.

Bag Tipping Stations and Bag Compactors

Bag tipping stations and bag compactors are specifically designed to control dust during bag tipping operations, with this operation the disposal of the bag can be incorporated controlling the whole operation from bag emptying to bag disposal.

Bag Compactor

Bag compactors can be provided linked to the bag tipping station or remote mounted they compress bags and capture air bourne dust, providing reduced costs for bag disposal.

Centralised Vacuum Filters and Systems

Dust filters for high vacuum ‘clean up’ systems for factories or warehouses where a fixed system with extract points are located, are used where powerful suction for general housekeeping and product ‘clean up' is required. This range of dust filtration units are designed to suit each application and can incorporate the exhauster, vacuum relief valve, silencer and controller pack.

The above range of filters have automatic and continuous reverse jet/wing cleaning systems utilising compressed air, a solid state controller gives modulation to suit each application and efficient operation.

Cased Filters - Intermittent Operation

The Dustcheck ‘M’ range of cased filters for ducted systems is for applications where compressed air is not available. These units use a mechanical shake system to clean the filters which mean they can only be applied to intermittent processes.

Inlet and Inline Safety Filters

Inlet and inline filter systems are for filtering air entering a system and for installing in a system prior to an exhauster, to protect the equipment from failure due to contamination.

These dust filters clean the air to the highest level before, during and after the production process the are particularly suited to the food and pharmaceutical industries.


Cyclones can be provided for pre-separation on high dust load applications and range in design to suit the product. Multicyclone range has been developed for the powder paint industry to enable practical colour change and recirculation of product for end user customers.

Lorry Tipping Booths

Our lorry tipping booths are specifically designed with integral dust control. They control dust created when bulk road lorries tip into the pits, the filtered product is then returned back into the system therefore completely maintaining itself. Typical applications are tipping of grain flour and aggregates.

Special Dust Control Designs

Specifically designed filters can be supplied for OEM customers, for self badging or special designs for specific dust control applications.

Typical projects have been :

  • Pharmaceutical application serving a grinding mill – 10bar rated filter with high standard crack and crevice free finish.
  • Oil rig/off shore on mud mix powders – compliant with ATEX dust and fume specification.
  • Finishing Industry – self badged mobile unit for onsite material blasting.
  • Materials handling – self badged silo vent filter.
  • Automotive – Intake filter with flame arrestor.

Dust Extraction Systems

Dustchecks experienced team offers complete turnkey project management for your dust extraction system. This could involve design of specific hood/booth requirement, efficiently designed duct layout, liaison to give the most efficient installation, commissioning and documentation for ongoing system operation and maintenance incorporating manuals and LEV reports all in accordance with H & S guidelines.

Dust Control Servicing

Dustcheck offers complete peace of mind service options to maintain your dust extraction systems. We ensure that your ongoing operation runs efficiently and in accordance with statutory rights, as outlined in the H.S.E. guide HSG258.1

This requires a system to be serviced at least every 14 months – we recommend, for a system used eight hours a day or more a service every six months with one incorporating an LEV test.

Our services include:

  • Service Contracts
  • LEV testing and Surveys
  • Servicing and parts for all makes of dust collectors.
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