E-Max Systems Ltd


We are a group of experienced engineers and managers who have written a powerful ERP package designed to help customers develop world class companies.

Emax is short for enterprise maximisation - our aim is to help customers get the maximum return from their companies

Installing an enterprise wide software (SW) package can be a daunting task. By constant innovation we make this process much less difficult and generate benefits from day one.

ERP Software Vendor

Emax RM6 is a true Enterprise Resource Planning system, a software package which controls and monitors all aspects of company activity

Production Control Software

Whether the company makes one off items to customer order or makes its own product EMAX is an extremely powerful package for controlling production.

MRP Software (SW)

MRP is an essential tool in running the modern manufacturing organisation

CRM & Quoting

Emax incorporates a particularly powerful contact management system configured specifically for manufacturing and distribution.

Project Management/Scheduling

Using E-max even the most complex job is split into its base constituents, typically operations and purchased materials and components. Each of these is automatically allocated a required date through a customer defined set of rules.

Quality Control Software (SW)

A suite of quality management software (SW) is included in the system.

At its core is a powerful non conformance system which can be configured to suit individual needs.

Productivity, Performance Measurement

E-max RM6 encapsulates all the current costing approaches:

  • Absorption costing
  • Marginal costing
  • Activity based costing
  • Standard costing

Data Collection

The SFDC package gives companies a cutting edge but inexpensive opportunity to collect production and attendance times directly on the shop floor.


E-MAX RM6 includes a powerful purchasing system. This allows users to raise and progress purchase orders in a modern efficient fashion. Requisitions can be raised by the system automatically once works orders have been released.

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