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It's virtually impossible to remember every detail about a customer. It is literally impossible for an entire team of people to remember each and every detail about all their customers.

Companies cheat by using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, to do the impossible.

Business decisions based on complete and reliable information about your customers are very difficult for your competitors to replicate and represent a key and sustainable competitive advantage.

The benefits of effective CRM systems like GoldMine are easily gained by user-friendly screens that:

* Records all previous conversations, events and purchase history
* Stores customer preferences & personalises customer communications
* Classifies customers & segments the database for marketing purposes
* Acquires new leads from a variety sources, including the Internet
* Plans, manages and monitors marketing campaigns
* Competently manages sales opportunities.
* Automatically alerts team members to key changes or events.
* Provides instant access to customer correspondence, letters and contracts.

This rich repository of comprehensive customer data shared and available to your whole team will satisfy their need for access to real customer knowledge.

e-nGauge provides specialised Customer Relationship Management solutions for recruiters.

We also provide complete underwriting, claims and CRM solutions to insurance companies for various lines of business.
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