Our range of pushbutton switches includes illuminated pushbuttons, indicators, selector switches, and key switches in many sizes, shapes and materials.

We are the expert partner for the supply, design and integration of quality, reliable, pushbutton switches, and automation systems. We are also global experts in developing customer-specific projects.

Our pushbutton switches are manufactured in hard wearing plastic and aluminium and you can have a variety of lens and bezel combinations.

Vandal Resistant Metal Pushbuton Switches

EAO, the expert partner for human machine interfaces, has extended the Series 82 pushbutton range and implemented a number of design upgrades to give it the leading edge in metal pushbuttons.

Series 82 has been engineered for strength, versatility and style: tough enough to resist aggressive use and elegant enough to fit today’s stylish, ergonomic environments.

Featuring an all-metal front, IK10 shock protection and IP67 sealing, it is now one of the highest specified pushbuttons of its type on the market.


  • Attractive, ergonomic design with excellent tactile feedback and superb illumination
  • Meets the cost competitive needs of  for today's business environment
  • Environmental protection to IP67 and impact resistance to IK10 makes them tough enough for virtually any environment.
  • Designed to easily cope with extreme temperatures from -30°C to +70°C and humidity up 85%.

Ideal for many applications including public access; ticket and vending machines, information terminals and door entry systems as well as industrial instruments and machinery.

Customised Control Panels

We can supply your customised control panels to be used in a variety of uses from the factory floor to areas in the public domain.

Our customised control panels are developed in conjunction with the customer to their specification. We have a team of technical advisors that can give you expert help on your customised control panels.

Grayhill - Rotary Switches, Encoders and Joysticks

EAO is the principal UK representative of Grayhill Inc. Grayhill is leading US manufacturer of rugged human machine interface components and systems. Grayhill's world renowned reputation arises from the unrivalled vertical integration of its processes; from in-house design, through to prototyping and manufacturing, and rigorous final testing and qualification. The quality and dependability of Grayhill products is relied upon by users even in life-critical applications throughout the world - from soldiers to surgeons.

Grayhill designs and maunfactures a broad range of human interface products including; vehicle user interfaces, rotary switches, optical encoders, keypads and complete custom operator panels

Sanyo Denki Stepper Motors

EAO is the principal UK representative for the Sanyo Denki SANMOTION stepper motors and drivers which offer precision control with high torque and low vibration. These motors range from 14mm to 106mm frame sizes, include IP65 sealed versions and a range of driver boards and interfacing options.

Sanyo Denki DC Equipment Cooling Fans

EAO is the principle UK representative for the Sanyo Denki SAN ACE range of equipment cooling fans. The SAN ACE range offers a comprehensive choice of dual ball bearing fans for equipment cooling applications. Whatever your requirements -high airflow, high static pressure, long life, energy efficiency  or environmental sealing - there is a Sanyo Denki prooduct to meet your specification

Emergency Stop Switches

Our emergency stop switches have the feature to provide immediate shutdown with break contacts and a long service life. Our selection of emergency stop switches can be used in virtually all factory automation, semiconductor and electronic production, food processing, lifting and moving, public transportation, and special vehicles.

Our emergency stop switches feature actuators with a twist-to-release design and are designed in-line with ISO 13850, EN IEC 60947-5-1 and EN IEC 60947-5-5.

Multicolour Pushbutton Switches

We can supply a wide selection of multicolour pushbutton switches with a programmable specification and we are now partnered with a well known illumination company to give you quality illuminated pushbutton switches.

We can supply a range of multicolour pushbutton switches and indicators that can be programmed to pulse, change colour, flash, illuminated edges, and a variety of other effects.

Industrial Pushbutton Switches

We can supply quality industrial pushbutton switches with a special shroud to prevent any accidental operation. The shroud for our industrial pushbutton switches is robustly made and features an anti-rotational pin to lock the switch in place.

Our series of industrial pushbutton switches includes pushbuttons, indicators, key locks, selector switches, and emergency stop switches.

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