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Eastern Energy Saving Solutions exists and is committed to helping home owners, tenants and business owners to qualify and receive government assisted grants for both energy saving and energy generating products. We are dedicated and committed to making your homes warmer and even more energy efficient all year round.

Solar Electricity

Photovoltaic (PV) panels utilise the energy from the sun in order to generate electricity, there is no waste or emissions generated during this process - the generated electricity can then be used to run appliances and lighting in your home or office.

Importantly after recent advances in technology solar panels no longer rely on direct sunlight in order to generate electricity and function, as long as there is daylight, power will always be generated.

Our Solar Surveyors will inspect your building and assess the suitability for solar panels at no cost to you the building owner. When surveying they will check factors such as the suitability structurally of associated roofs and walls to include orientation of the proposed installation points in relation to the exposure of sunlight throughout a typical day.

The installation will consist of a number of solar panels connected together to form a module. We will then advise on the amount of modules required to provide the power requirements for your building, this would be determined by a number of factors to include: Budget, your energy requirements and needs, the type of PV panels used and of course the roof, wall or ground space available for the installation.

Solar Electricity

Solar Hot Water System

Generate 60% to 75% of your buildings hot water requirements from the power of the sun. Solar hot water or solar thermal systems are highly cost efficient and from a fully renewable energy resource. During the summer months it is highly probable that you will not even need your traditional hot water system on at all.

Solar thermal systems operate by converting light into heat, this in turn creates hot water for your building/home.

For solar thermal to operate effectively it does not need bright sunshine or high temperatures, it only needs daylight making it an ideal effective fully operational solution despite the unpredictable UK climate.

Solar thermal will reduce your impact on the environment. By installing solar thermal you could reduce your building/homes carbon emissions by up to 0.74% tones per Annum.

In addition solar thermal will also save you money year in year out for the full operational life of the system.

Solar Hot Water System

Loft Insulation

Invest in loft insulation today and achieve full payback via the associated energy savings in less than one year. The current recommended loft insulation depth is 270mm if you comply with this figure you could save as much as one tonne of CO emissions per Annum.

Alternatively if you have existing loft insulation that does not meet the above minimum requirement we could top up your existing insulation, you could still achieve full pay back via the associated energy savings in less than two years.

All our installers are fully qualified and trained to the highest industry standards, all our installers also work to the standards as set out under the Considerate Contractors Scheme and all works are conducted quickly, competently and efficiently, with the minimum disruption to you the homeowner.

We only install the highest quality International glass fibre quilt products and all our works and products are covered by long term guarantees.

Prices for loft insulation range from as little as £129 through to £199 depending on the size of the property.

We are an MCS, ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited company

Loft Insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation

Invest in cavity wall insulation today and achieve savings of up to £275.00 per year. If your home is un-insulated you could be losing as much as 34% of your homes generated heat through the walls. By insulating the cavity between your walls significant thermal performance and energy savings can be made.

Grants called Source EST are available via the Government to all homeowners and we are able to access this central funding on your behalf thus minimising the financial contribution that you the homeowner will need to contribute for the installation of your cavity wall insulation.

By installing cavity wall insulation you will be doing your bit for the environment by saving around 775Kgs per year in terms of carbon dioxide emissions.

All our installers are fully qualified and trained to the highest industry standards, all our installers also work to the standards as set out under the Considerate Contractors Scheme and all works are conducted quickly, competently and efficiently, with the minimum disruption to you the homeowner.

We only install the highest quality products and all our works and products are covered by long term guarantees via the Cavity Installation Agency.

We are an ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited Company

Air Source Heat Pumps

A new real alternative low carbon solution to the traditional boiler, air source heat pumps can also be used in conjunction with underfloor heating and low temperature panel radiators.

By utilising this technology you could feasibly reduce the CO2 emissions by up to 45%. New low level noise heat pumps are particularly effective and the UK's ambient temperature ensures maximum performance throughout the year.

If you are looking for an alternative way to heat your domestic hot water and power your homes heating system then air source heat pumps offer a real green alternative.

No external pump or plant or indeed ground-works are required when installing an air source heat pump.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps operate by extracting the natural heat stored in the earth via buried ground based heat collectors beneath the earth. Ground source heat pumps can help cut your heating bills by up to 70% and if you are based in the UK you probably qualify for an installation grant of up to: £1,200.00. As well as having the potential to cut down your carbon emissions to zero heat pumps can also work in conjunction with your existing heating system.

If your heating bill averages out currently at £80.00 then you could realise an annual saving of £700.00 after tax.

Heat pumps are a proven technology giving you the householder no risk.

To discover how easy it is to start saving money with one of our heat pumps, please get in touch today.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Wind Turbines

Cut your electricity bills substantially, wind costs nothing, once the wind turbine installation is complete you can sit back and watch your electricity bills fall. Wind turbines operate by harnessing the power of the wind and use it to generate electricity, whilst cutting your carbon foot print.

Did you know that between 35 - 40% of all the wind energy in Europe blows over the UK, these conditions are ideal not just for large wind turbines but also for the smaller micro-wind turbines, the latter are able on a stand alone basis to generate enough electricity for the lighting and associated electrical appliances in an average home.

Roof mounted wind turbines average specification: 1kw - 2kw

Mast mounted wind turbines average specification: 2.5kw - 6kw

You are able to sell any excess electricity generated back to the National Grid via an approved and accredited electricity supply company

Wind Turbines

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is the accumulating and storing of rainwater for reuse. Rainwater does not require complex treatment before re-using. Typically you could save in the region of 50% of your normal mains water requirements when utilising a rain water harvesting system.

If you are unsure how to get a rainwater harvesting scheme under way, just contact us on the number above and we will advise and if necessary visit your property. We are able to assist from site consultation, to excavation and full installation and commissioning of your rainwater harvesting system.

All our installation works and associated rainwater harvesting systems are fully supported by long term performance guarantees.

Latest Offer - Solar PV - £500

Available to all e2s2 customers
£500 solar pv is a great way for homeowners to benefit from clean, renewable energy who cannot or are unwilling to spend money on solar panel installations.

e2s2 will own the panels therefore maintaining and guaranteeing them for twenty five years and will also receive the feed in tariff payments from the government.

You the customer will benefit by using as much free electricity(during daylight hours)as your system produces. e2s2 have also provided a unique deal where any electricity generated but not used(surplus) will go back into the national grid which you the customer will be credited 3p per kwh. The £500 solar package can cut upto 60% of your annual electricity bill.

Comprehensive Energy Solution - £895

Available to all e2s2 customers
We will install on your house or business a solar pv system up to 5.6 kilowatts depending on the size of your roof. We will also install cavity wall and loft insulation to the required standards along with insulated radiator panels and a hot water tank insulated jacket.

Prices for the insulation average at £149 and the rest is funded by a government grant which is available to all e2s2 customers. People aged 70+ or in receipt of benefits will receive the installation of the insulation completely free of charge which will be taken off of the price on the comprehensive offer.

For the price of the comprehensive offer the solar pv system and insulation will be fully installed, guaranteed and maintained for the next 25 years as per the latest offer.
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