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We can help your company succeed in your marketplace by providing experienced and comprehensive business development services. Our business development services may be essential for meeting your enterprise's financial obligations.

From start-up plans, business expansion or ongoing reports, we offer the right business development advice for you.

Business Funding

Businesses need financial help for many reasons. We can help you prepare for and attain several business funding options. We can help you determine which funding option is best for you and your business.

We advise on financial products available to businesses such as:

  • traditional banking
  • invoice discounting
  • stock finance
  • asset funding
  • venture capital funding
Business Funding

Accountancy and Book Keeping

We help you stave off business failure by helping you keep control over your finances. Having control on the finances of the business is essential if success is to be achieved.

Accountancy services: not just an end of year function, we provide ongoing accountancy support

Book keeping: we can guide you through book keeping systems so you getting the most complete, and up-to-date financial picture of your business.

Accountancy and Book Keeping

Marketing Strategies

There is no argument that marketing strategies in business are key to development. However, affordability and time resources often prevent many companies from using many marketing strategies. We can help.

Marketing strategies we support include:

  • new brand development
  • brand identity
  • brand rejuvenation
  • market research and product viability
  • strategic planning
  • communication planning
  • e-commerce
Marketing Strategies

Strategic Planning

We can help your business with long-term strategic planning. Our services help you combine the day-to-day functions of your business, but address the needs of the future. Strategic planning is often ignored, but with us, we can help you create a vision for the future and reach it.

Strategic Planning

Succession Planning

Succession planning is a process for identifying and developing internal people with the potential to fill key leadership positions in the company, alternatively partial or outright sale of a business.

When owners are considering their options for exiting their business because of retirement plans or for other reasons careful consideration has to given to the planning process. Exiting can be a complex procedure if maximum value is to be achieved for the owner.

There are several routes for succession planning which can be followed when preparing for the exit but the key aim is to have a business which has value to the owners at the point of exit. This maybe in the form of a share sale and thus gaining maximum capital value, managers or family taking over with a view to   preserving an income with or without selling the shares. However there are many scenarios which can develop.

This process is not an overnight event and it has to be planned carefully and the business has to be prepared in order for the shareholders to derive maximum benefit.

Our experience can take owners through these stages and help with what can be a difficult emotional and financial course of action.

Succession Planning

Administration and Process Development

We are experienced in advising, analysing and implementing change activities. Change management and other process developments are designed to increase productivity and encourage growth.

Through our adminstation and process development procedures, we have helped several companies make demonstrable improvement in the business performance. In many cases, our services helped to show significant bottom line performance.


Administration and Process Development

Insolvency - Corporate Recovery

We help determine the best course of action in the liquidations of insolvent companies, to realise assets and effect closure. Whether it is voluntary as instructed by the shareholders or compulsory as instructed by the company's creditors, we provide the following insolvency and corporate recovery measures:

  • Assist an administrator or receivers of a company in order to assess the future viability and act accordingly.
  • Advising the clients on restructuring businesses to protect future trading, going concern status and against insolvency.
  • Assisting business in difficulty to take measures for recovery and rescue. And put IVA and CVA lower down.
Insolvency - Corporate Recovery

Businesses for Sale

We can help you plan an exit strategy when your business is for sale. We help build a plan that meets with your needs - both short and long term.

We aid in:

Businesses for Sale

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