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Eclipse Magnetics - UK's Number 1

Eclipse Magnetics Ltd is a well-respected manufacturer of magnets, magnetic assemblies, magnetic sub assemblies, magnetic tools, magnetic chucks, magnetic separators and specially engineered magnetic handling products.

Eclipse Magnetics has over 20,000 different products covering applications across all industries. The brand represents a guarantee of quality and performance unparalleled in Industry, couple this with support from a team of highly experienced Magnet Technicians and you have an unbeatable platform for partnership.

  • Electro magnets
  • Air operated magnets
  • Ferrite magnets
  • Clamping magnets
  • Industrial magnets
  • Magnetic rubber
  • Flexible magnets
  • Permanent magnets
  • Horseshoe magnets
  • Pot magnets
  • Workholding
  • Samarium
  • Alcomax
  • Rare earth
  • Neodymium iron boron
  • Conveying systems
  • Chucks

Lifting Magnets

Permanent magnet lifting magnets – simply hook to your hoist or crane and you're ready to go. We also supply electronically-switchble permanent magnets and pneumatically-switchable permanent magnets for lifting applications.

Lifting Magnets

Magnetic Separation

We can provide custom options, as well as fully custom-built magnetic separators, with turnaround and costs little different to standard products.


Material Handling

Lift , Hold, Clamp, Move, Turn, Convey, De-palletise, Separate, Transfer, Palletise. Please follow the above the link to view our range of Material Handling products

Magnetic Filtration

Easy clean magnetic filters remove magnetic, para-magnetic and grinding media contamination from:

  • cutting fluid
  • oil
  • fuel
  • ink
  • cleaning solution
  • lubricant
  • coolant
Magnetic Filtration

Metal Detection

Metal detectors are most commonly used by the food, pharamaceutical and chemical industries for the final inspection and removal of contaminated product at the end of process lines


Metal Detection

Magnetic Chucks

Permanent-magnet magnetic chucks, electro-permanent magnetic chucks and chuck accesories: safe and efficient holding of workpieces for grinding, milling and cutting.


Magnet Materials

  • Neodymium Iron Boron (rare earth)
  • Ferrite (ceramic)
  • Cast Alnico
  • Samarium cobalt (rare earth)  -  (available as part of a magnet assembly or made to order)
  • Magnet Assemblies
  • Flexible Magnets
  • Neodymium magnets
  • Ferrite Magnets (ceramic)
  • Cast Alnico Magnets
  • Flexible Magnets



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