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Here at ECO Hydraulic Presses, we manufacture a huge range of special presses. Our special presses use the latest technology, including computer control, in-process inspection and gauging equipment, heated platens, and automatic reversal. Our special presses incorporate ejector mechanisms and/or automatic loading and unloading systems. Digital readout systems are available with infinitely variable loading from near zero to the maximum capacity of the press.

We are experts in design, sound technology, and our proven capability enable us to accurately evaluate your applications and give advice on all aspects of special purpose machinery requirements.

Hydraulic Presses

We provide comprehensive hydraulic presses with high-speed approach and slow-speed squeeze capabilities. Our hydraulic presses are available with optional press equipment. We provide in-process inspection and gauging equipment, heated platens, automatic reversal at preset pressures, straightening equipment, special tooling, and foot controls.

Hand Presses

Our hand presses are cast in semi-steel and are made with a girder-type frame. This has been designed to place the metal where greater strength is obtained. The press screws are made from three per cent nickel steel and are specially heat treated. These hand presses are capable of withstanding the combination of great torsional and bending strains imposed on it.

Special Purpose

Our product line of special purpose machines also includes equipment such as material handling and conveyor systems, machine linking lines, welding manipulators, test plants, and dedicated machines for automatic machining and assembly.

Our highly experienced technical sales team are always happy to help with all aspects of special purpose machinery requirements.

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