Econotherm (UK) Ltd


Econotherm heat pipe technology has succesfully accomplished waste heat recovery in a range of applications hitherto beleived to be impossible due to the aggressive, high temperature and dirty nature of the exhaust gases generated from heavy industrial processes.

Econotherm have heat pipe heat exchangers that have been installed and operated over many years in industrial applications such as:

  • high temperature (1000C) VOC thermal oxidiser exhaust
  • aluminium and steel furrnace exhausts
  • mineral processing plants (gypsum, cement, ceramics)

The highly robust materials we use, our patented heat pipe manufacturing process, our QA/QC management and our unique design process enable us to tackle most waste heat sources and generate clean recycled energy in ready to use formats:

  • combustion / dryer air pre-heating
  • water heaters / boilers
  • steam generators
  • thermal oil heaters

Which can be readily recycled into existing processes or exported for district energy or electrical power generation to meet all clients' needs.

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