Efficient Light


We supply indoor light fittings. We also offer access to a variety of ranges of light fittings to help keep costs downs and under control for projects on a tight budget.

 For energy efficient indoor light fittings, we provide the following:

  • Ceiling spotlights
  • Low energy wall lights
  • Pendants
  • 12V lighting tracks
  • 240V lighting tracks
  • Low energy floodlights
  • LED wall washers
  • Under cabinet lighting


Outdoor Light Fittings

For outdoor light fittings, we offer a wide selection of energy saving and LED lighting. For use outdoors, our exterior light fittings are from leading UK manufacturers such as Trac Lighting, JCC Lighting, Collingwood Lighting and many more.

Our outdoor light fittings include:

  • Low energy floor
  • Deck lights
  • Energy saving floodlights
  • Motion sensors
  • Commercial bollards lights and lanterns
  • Recessed low-energy brick lights
  • LED wall washers
Outdoor Light Fittings

Light Bulbs for Lamps

We stock and supply a wide variety of light bulbs and lamps -- from domestic halogen replacements to dimmable energy saving lamps. We also supply commercial scale warehouse lamps. We also offer a wide range of different shape lamps and light bulbs.

Light Bulbs for Lamps

LED Light Fittings

We are the forefront of the LED lighting market. With a variety of products available, our LED light fittings include:

LED Light Fittings

Commercial Light Fittings

We offer commercial light fittings. Energy efficient, our commercial lighting options include fluorescent office lighting, energy efficient low bays, LED floodlights and low energy recessed floor and ceiling lights.

We provide a comprehensive range of commercial lighting solutions, light fittings, lighting systems and individual lighting products.

Commercial Light Fittings

Manufacturer Lighting Brands

Please visit our website to see our variety of manufacturers.

We supply lights for the following manufacturers:

  • JCC Lighting
  • Collingwood Lighting
  • TP24
  • Halers Lighting
  • Our own Efficient product ranges
Manufacturer Lighting Brands
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