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We are specialists in the design and implementation of sustainable and cost-efficient solutions for the treatment of complex industrial and agricultural effluents. We have particular expertise with electrochemical metal extraction and recovery.

For electrochemical metal extraction and recovery, we have expanded the application of electrochemical deposition to previously untouched applications, notably effluent treatment.

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Vacuum Evaporation Systems

Vacuum evaporation systems are used to remove water from effluent, permitting water to be recycled and concentrated effluent to be disposed of economically. Valuable metals can also be recovered using vacuum evaporating systems.

Vacuum evaporation technology is based on the principle that less energy is needed to evaporate water in a vacuum where a boiling temperature of 35°C is created.

Energy Production from Anaerobic Digestion (AD)

For energy production from anaerobic digestion (AD), we provide comprehensive solutions.

Energy production from anaerobic digestion has, until recently, largely been confined to large scale undertakings. However, in recent years a remarkable combination of technical, political and regulatory factors have propelled smaller anaerobic digestion projects forward in to the mainstream.

Industrial Effluent Treatment

We specialise in providing solutions for industrial effluent treatment.

Industrial effluent treatment requires versatility and innovation as effluent from industrial processes varies greatly. Each differing industry sector has its own particular issues.

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Supply of Treatment Chemicals

If you require a supply of treatment chemicals, we have the solutions for you. For the supply of treatment chemicals, we support our own and other effluent treatment technologies.

We use our extensive experience and vast design knowledge to identify and supply the most effective chemical products.

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