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Transforming ideas into sucessful products 

eg technology is one of the UK’s leading product design, development and engineering consultancies. We work with clients that range from small biotechnology start-ups to industry-leading bluechips helping them to cost-effectively develop successful products from visualisation to commercialisation.

We are ISO13485 accredited and know that design is more than skin deep and we apply agile engineering along with a thorough understanding of aesthetics, ergonomics and user insight to create products that are easy to manufacture and a pleasure to use.

Our multi-disciplinary team offers integrated expertise in mechanical engineering, industrial design, electronics engineering, software development, project management and regulatory approval and certification. 

Product Definition

We work closely with our clients to understand their business goals, user needs and target markets, as well as any manufacturing requirements and constraints. This allows us to generate a comprehensive specification that will guide the development process. Product definition includes Human Factors research and input, creative brainstorming, risk reduction evalluation and the development of technology demonstrator systems.

Product Creation

Product development is an evolutionary process, we aim to address rsks and challenges early in the pathway and reduce the number of iterative cycles. Our system allows for agile flexible development for rapid prototype alpha deisgns, off-tool beta deisgns and volume manufacturing ready pre-production deisgns. Our ISO 13485 quality process equips us for a variety of markets including medica device development.

Transfer to Manufacture

Our proven capabilities have enabled our clients to sucessfully bring products to market. We have the knowledge and experience to help audit and select manufacturing partners and can establish a complete supply chain if required. Alternatively we can work with your chosen manufacturer or in-house capabilities. Post launch support work includes obsolescence management, production optimisation and testing and development of second generation pproduct.

Industrial Design

Our approach to industrial design – the human factors assessment, aesthetics, ergonomics and usability of a product – is firmly rooted in practical considerations. Cost, performance, ease of manufacture and regulatory requirements all feed into our creative process.User testing and prototyping play a key role, from concept sketches, 3D modelling and photo-realistic renderings through to rapid prototypes and production components. We also undertake graphical user interface design, icon and logo design, and create product graphics, labelling, and packaging designs.

Mechanical Engineering

Our experienced engineers make sure that every product delivers the performance manufacturing cost and durability required. Our mechanical engineers have specialist knowledge in areas that include microfluidics, thermal management and medical device design. We bring the same rigour to designing consumer products, combining engineering excellence with a grounded understanding of our client’s commercial objectives.

Electronics Engineering

Our team of talented electronics engineers have experience in a wide range of market sectors including consumer products, industrial automation, portable communication and medical devices. We undertake analogue and digital electronic design from system-level specifications down to detailed component-level circuit design. Our electronics engineers will also work as an extension to your own expertise to undertake specific electronics work, or alongside our other disciplines as part of an integrated development project.

Software Engineering

From embedded firmware and OS development to creating applications for PCs, connected and mobile devices and web-enabled platforms, we deliver robust, reliable software that meets the requirements of functionality, cost and timescale.Our software developments have spanned the consumer, medical (ISO 62304) and industrial sectors, with specialist expertise in image acquisition and analysis, embedded firmware, Bluetooth, 3D graphics, and User Interface design.

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