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Specialists in Time & Attendance Systems.

Egress Systems are based in Nottingham in the East Midlands and operate across the UK.

We offer the latest TCP/IP Proximity & Biometric terminals including hand reader and fingerprint clocking machines.

Suitable for a range of industries including care homes, hotels, factories, catering, building sites, offices and the public and voluntary sectors. Our attendance monitoring system offers a wealth of features including:

  • Rota
  • Flexitime/Annualised Hours
  • Absence & holiday tracking
  • Lateness management
  • Textual and graphical reports
  • Payroll export
  • Automated fire alarm reporting
  • HR database
  • Integrated Access Control
  • Shift Bell Control
  • Realtime clockings download
  • SQL Database

Full installation and training packages available.

We also offer integrated access control solutions.

FOCUS LITE Time and Attendance Software

Focus Lite is designed as an automated time keeping system for small to medium sized businesses. Focus Lite enables organisations to save time by tracking absence, lateness and managing payroll more efficiently and save money by reducing the overheads of time lost. The Focus Lite software can be upgraded to Focus Pro at any time.

  • Calculate Hours, Breaks, Rounding & Overtime
  • Export data to Sage and a range of other payroll packages
  • Manage Absence & Lateness
  • Fire Roll Call
  • Management Reports
  • HR Information
FOCUS LITE Time and Attendance Software

FOCUS PRO Time and Attendance Software

The Focus Pro time and attendance software offers a wealth of functionality and is available with a range of clocking terminal options. Focus Pro enhances the flexible features available within Focus Lite for capturing employee attendance data with the following additional features:

  • Employee Rota Planning
  • Flexitime and Annualised Hours Management
  • Access Control
  • Extra Reports
  • Editable Calander and Availability Screens
FOCUS PRO Time and Attendance Software

FOCUS ENTERPRISE - Time & Attendance Software

Focus Enterprise is our most advanced Time & Attendance software package building upon all of the functionality of Focus Lite and Focus Pro to provide a comprehensive attendance management solution. Incorporating:

  • Fully customisable report design suite
  • Cost Centre data capture and analysis
  • Extra reports as standard
  • Additional pay rates columns
  • Scheduled report generation - distributed via e-mail or direct to printer
  • Integration with Cascade HR & Cascade Payroll
FOCUS ENTERPRISE - Time & Attendance Software

Web Clocking

Enhance your Time & Attendance solution with the Focus Self Service module for:

  • Web clocking with Geolocation indicator of clocking occurrence
  • Employee Timesheet view
  • Employee Calendar with absence booking facility
  • Supervisor view with employee data and availability screen
Web Clocking

Focus Workflows - Attendance Monitoring

Additional modules are available with the Focus Pro & Enterprise software.

Focus Workflows - provides a customisable view of mini-reports with traffic light indicators to build a workflow of tasks.

Focus Workflows ensures that managers and supervisors can quickly identify employee attendance anomolies that need attention or may be affecting the productivity of your business.  Hundreds of report variations are available configurable by group, cost centre, date range and other selection variables. Create a workflow report for lateness, the expiration of a certificate, missing clockings and lets more.

Focus Workflows - Attendance Monitoring

Focus Attendance Board

Focus Attendance Board - is a browser based customisable view of employee attendance in your organisation.

The Focus Attendance Board is ideal for deployment in areas of your business where having the right number of staff in at the right time is business critical. Configurable to display a red / amber / green traffic light when attendance is below an acceptable level the display shows current attendance with clocking times, cost centres, absence reasons and more.

Focus Attendance Board

Biometric Clocking Terminals

Egress Systems offer a selection of biometric clocking terminals so that we will have the right one for your business.  Each terminal has its own advantages but they all have the benefit of eliminating buddy clocking. Choose from:

  • HandPunch 1000 - reliable hand scanner suitable for heavy industry, 3G communication options available
  • BioStation Fingerprint - incorporating industry leading fingerprint algorithm for fast matching speeds
  • BioStation T2 Fingerprint - touchscreen and multiple communication and power options including PoE
  • BioLite Net Fingerprint - includes a door controller, IP65 waterproofing and back-lit keypad for outdoor installation
  • U260 Fingerprint - a good cost effective fingerprint reader suitable for smaller organisations
  • ZK VF3000 Face Recognition  - fast face recognition for up to 200 users, contactless technology
  • F710 Face Recognition - available in various capacities from 500 to 1400 users
Biometric Clocking Terminals

Handpunch Biometric Reader

The Hand Punch 1000 biometric hand reader is manufactured by Ingersol Rand and has sold in large numbers throughout the world, including major UK high street retail chains, hotels, factories, building contractor sites and offices.

Because the Hand Punch measures the shape and height of the hand, rather than scanning finger or palm prints, the biometric hand reader can cope with dirty hands, cuts and abrasions and even plasters on fingers. This means the Hand Punch can be used in environments where other biometric clocking machines may struggle to perform consistently.

Handpunch Biometric Reader

Fingerprint Biometric Reader

The BioStation is one of the most reliable fingerprint readers on the market. It offers an impressive biometric time & attendance solution suitable for offices, hotels and other organisations where an attractive unit is required. Incorporating a colour LCD screen and high quality sound, the BioStation provides a different and modern user interaction using multimedia information. Various communication options including TCP/IP cabled and wireless LAN as well as USB memory stick, allow the BioStation to be used in many different locations.

  • Multiple modes of operation: Fingerprint only, PIN only, PIN + Fingerprint
  • Very fast fingerprint identification speed
  • Uniquely identify up to 3000 fingerprints in one second
  • Enrol up to 50,000 employees and store up to 500,000 clocking transactions
  • High level of security for uniquely identifying individual employees
  • Various Proximity card readers can be incorporated including Mifare(13.56MHz)
  • and HID Proximity(125kHz)
Fingerprint Biometric Reader

Proximity Clocking Terminals

All HRX clock card terminals incorporate a proximity (RFID) reader that can read cards and keyfob's. This offers distinct reliability advantages over magstripe and barcode readers because proximity is a contactless technology meaning there is no wear on the cards or on the reader.

The design of the HRX terminals is simple and unobtrusive using a tough ABS plastic case allowing the HRX terminal to fit into many different environments. There is even an option for a weather proof IP rated HRX terminal for mounting externally.

Proximity Clocking Terminals

Integrated Access Control Solutions

Integrate access control with your Focus Time & Attendance system. Choose from proximity card & fob readers, biometric fingerprint readers or use the HandPunch 1000 terminal with our HPI1 unit to control door entry.

The HRX5000 proximity terminal includes functionality to provide access control of up to two doors, barriers or turnstiles. Up to two separate remote proximity readers can be connected. There are two separate relays available to control the power to a door lock or to trigger a barrier or turnstile. 

  • Part of the Focus software
  • Uses reliable HRX5000 terminals
  • Fire Alarm and evacuation reporting
  • Door monitoring capability
  • Scaleable; add to existing Focus systems easily 
Integrated Access Control Solutions

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