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Since 1965, Electro Rent test equipment has helped engineers beat the competition to market and increase productivity. We rent, lease and sell electronic test and measurement equipment. Our expansive inventory, knowledgeable tech support, and asset management tools focus your time on real work, not paperwork. Once you've used electronic test equipment from Electro Rent, you'll come back for network analysers, function generators, logic analysers, telecommunication test equipment and all other new or used test equipment needs.

We lead the international rent/lease industry in the flexibility of our financial programs, administrative services, and knowledgeable sales/technical staff. Across North America, Europe, and Asia, corporations of every size rely on Electro Rent for smarter solutions to acquiring their tools of technology.

Test Equipment - ADW-DCT-2000X5

Digital Current Transformer Reporter

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Test Equipment - AEMC-3035

1000/2000/3000:5A AC Clamp on Current Transformer

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Test Equipment - MAR-2023B

9kHz-2.05GHz Signal Source

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Test Equipment - FUJK-BTR-06L

Rechargeable Battery 160 splice for FUJK-FSM50x Splicer

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Test Equipment - AT-10070C

1:1 20 MHz Passive Probe

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Test Equipment - AHS-AK18G

20Hz-18GHz Antenna Kit

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Test Equipment - PLY-DCT7088

Transit Time Flowmeter for clear liquids

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Test Equipment - PWRT-CWT30B-2.5-600

CWT Standard Rogowski Coil, AC Current Probe / CT

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Test Equipment - QDT-1920

Precision LCR Meter

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