Electro-Wind Ltd

Electro-Wind Ltd designs and manufactures single and three phase air-cooled, dry type oiled filled transformers up to 1750 kVA in rating at system voltages up to 11kV.

AC/DC Rectifiers and Chokes. Transformer rectifiers, control gear and the full range of Site Electrical Equipment (see website www.electro-wind.co.uk).

Electro-Wind Ltd has sales offices in the Midlands, Berkshire and Edinburgh plus a network of distributors throughout the UK. Competitive pricing, keen deliveries, outstanding quality and a flexible manufacturing system have made Electro-Wind Ltd market leaders.

We have continually developed and improved our product range, which has developed and grown to the point where we are able to supply an extensive range of Transformers and Site Electrical Equipment from Stock. We can also competitively design and rapidly manufacture equipment to your customer’s own specification.

Electro-wind Ltd is a BS EN ISO 9001:2000, EN 29002/BS 5750 Part 2 approved company. Full certification for testing and conformity is available on request.

Electro-Wind Ltd offers the technical support and backup should it be required, to enable you to offer your customers the best possible service.

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