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Modern telephone systems and services undoubtedly generate valuable businesses benefits. But the enormous choice, vast array of functions and technical jargon can be overwhelming and thoroughly confusing.

Electrofone Systems is an independent company that has spent the last 20 years unravelling the complexities of telecommunications for clients across the South of England.   Straightforward solutions
Based in Gloucestershire, we work in a straightforward, clear-thinking way. We use plain English to advise on the right systems and services, carry out full installation, train staff where required, and provide responsive and flexible after-sales service and maintenance.   A perfect fit
Our industry expertise, technical know-how and access to a wide range of recognised equipment and services means we provide professional and objective communication solutions that are practical, effective and genuinely tailor-made for each and every client.

Phone Line Installation

Including Installation and Maintenance, Electrofone are proud to offer a large range of services including;

  • Advice on your IT provision as a whole, not just on PBX provision
  • Working demonstration of equipment at your own premises
  • Visits to manufacturers demonstration facilities if appropriate
  • Planning & project management of cabling/provision of lines or relocation of equipment
  • Out of ours working at no additional cost
  • Cabling
  • Liaison with provider of lines or other contractors
  • Trade in of existing redundant equipment
  • User training   further system programming free for three months
  • Under warranty repairs
  • Call out repair service / regular site visits if required
  • Out of hours service
  • Disaster recovery, flood, fire or complete loss of PBX system
  • Alternative call plans for cheaper telephone calls
  • 0845, 0870, 0800, 090 special numbers
  • Provision of analogue, ISDN2, ISDN30 and Broadband lines at reduced connection / rental charge
  • Remote re-programming / fault finding
  • Voip Lines. SIP Trunks.

Electrofone have supplied and installed telephones and all types of telecommunication systems to businesses throughout the South of England since 1986.

The installation process of the new and used equipment required commences with an initial free discussion and analysis of your present and future requirements.   Electrofone provide complete planning and project management of cabling and provision of lines and relocation of any existing equipment. Our Installation team liaise with the provider of the telephone line and any other contractors involved.   This comprehensive process enables our trained engineers to assess layout and user training requirements and to ensure ease of transition into the new system for your staff and customers.   Servicing/Maintenance   Electrofone offer an excellent service to all our customers, including staff training on all new systems and under warranty repairs.   Electrofone provide free telephone advice during the lifetime of the system provided, including remote access for fault diagnosis and reprogramming free within the first three months.   Additional services including Out of Hours Service at no additional cost, Call out Service and regular site visits for Maintenance if required. System Relocation, Breakdown and Disaster Recovery are available to existing and new customers throughout the South of England. Products Section
Electrofone can provide both New Equipment from recognized telecommunication manufacturing companies ( logo’s alongside ) and used telephone systems. We also supply and install the following; Tannoy PA systems
Dect cordless pbx systems
ISDN30 / ISDN2 / Voice over IP systems ( VOIP)
Fax Machines
Conference Units
Voip, Qsig and Voice Private Circuit inter-site facilities
Voice mail and Auto Attendant
ACD Call Centre / Sales Environments

Telephone Systems Cirencester

Electrofone can provide both new equipment from recognised telecommunication manufacturing companies and used telephone systems.
We also supply and install the following;

Tannoy PA systems
Dect cordless pbx systems
ISDN30 / ISDN2 / Voice over IP systems (VOIP)
Fax Machines
Conference Units
Voip, Qsig and Voice Private Circuit inter-site facilities
Voice mails and Auto Attendant
ACD Call Centre / Sales Environment

Telephone Solutions

Electrofone are proud of our links to Internationally recognised communication equipment manufacturers and suppliers including Panasonic and NEC.

Electrofone constantly monitor the needs of our clients and the latest technology available within the market.

Many of the latest systems available include comprehensive telecommunications systems that will grow with your business and customer / staff needs.

Please feel free to contact our team to discuss any of the latest products available on the marketplace and how they could benefit your organisation.
Telephone Solutions

Voice Mail Solutions

The client, a small print company with around 60 employees had a growing problem with written messages being lost around its sprawling premises. Staff were often away from their desks or unable to answer calls promptly.

We installed a voice mail system onto their existing phone system, providing a personal greeting recorded by the user, together with a mail box for callers to leave a message. Other extension users and incoming callers could leave messages, indicated by a lamp on the users’ handset.  
The client reports a much improved response returning absent calls plus the added bonus of less staff time spent writing and passing messages for others. Messages can also be automatically or manually forwarded to another users’ mailbox, in case of extended staff absence.   A further enhancement to be considered is the provision of voicemail messages to the user’s e-mail in-box where a message can be played as an e-mail attachment.
Voice Mail Solutions

DECT Cordless Solution

We were called in to look at options for a new warehouse and office complex dealing with multiple deliveries and order picking for a hardware company.

Many personnel were desk based but several supervisory and departmental staff needed to be more mobile within the building but needed to be accessible to answer both incoming and internally generated order queries.

Our proposal was a cordless telephone solution, based on DECT technology but fully integrated with the rest of the system and extension users. This enabled the key staff to have a cordless handset providing all the functions usually provided by a wired handset, but portable. Coverage was provided across the whole site to each handset, enabling users to take calls at their desks, around the ware house or even outside in the delivery bay.  
Access to all system features including voice mail was a requirement, provided to each handset user whether desk based or mobile.   Our recommendation proved to be a popular and workable solution and we have gone on to upgrade the client’s other premises using similar equipment.

Internet Telephony and VOIP

A relatively new but growing technology is the ability to use the Internet for telephone calls, mainly driven by the need to reduce costs within a company. The client, an existing customer, approached us to find out more about the possible savings plus what changes would be needed.

Our customer, a specialist contractor working in environmental controls had an ISDN 30 line providing multiple digital telephone lines incorporating a group of DDI numbers for each staff member. We looked mainly at the line rental costs and compared these to an alternative internet service called Sip Trunking. Sip uses the internet and Broadband to set up a voice link between other users, permitting calls to be made and received in the normal way.  
We were instructed to proceed and arranged for the clients existing telephone numbers to be moved onto the new service. Due to the relatively higher cost of ISDN rental, a saving of around 65% on line rental charges was achieved. As an added bonus, a saving on call charges was also possible.
Internet Telephony and VOIP


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