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Here at Electron Dynamics, we are an electronic engineering problem solving company specialising in turnkey solutions and bespoke electronic product design, development, manufacture and consultancy. We provide an assortment of technical services, from feasibility studies, circuit design, prototype development through to beta development and support services.

Electronic Design

Our electronic design consultancy will create bespoke electronic products from idea to completion, or we will update what you already have. We have developed an array of technologies, primarily temperature controllers.  

For nearly 20 years we have worked on a multitude of projects from simple circuit designs to complex instrumentation systems for precision measurement. We work with small companies through to huge international companies and our mix of our clients and skills enable us to provide a powerful and rapid service to all our clients.

Electronic Design

Electronic Design Consultancy

We are an award winning electronic engineering team, based in Southampton. We pride ourselves on providing electronic design consultancy to solve your problems and find the best solution for you. We provide electronic design consultancy to start-up companies through to large blue chip companies.

Bespoke solutions include:

  • Electronic Design
  • Software Development
  • Design for Manufacture
Electronic Design Consultancy

TEC Temperature Control Modules

We provide the highest quality TEC temperature control modules to meet your cooling and heating needs. We design and manufacture a range of TEC temperature control modules for heat pumps, cold plates, peltier coolers, liquid coolers and thermoelectric coolers.

The peltier temperature controllers are able to:

  • Cool and heat
  • Provide stable temperatures with varying external temperatures

We have 2 primary peltier temperature control modules:

  • Medium voltage - 5 to 24v - PCB Version (OEM) + Cased version
  • Low voltage - 0 to 5v
TEC Temperature Control Modules

Software Design

We specialise in high quality software design, and demonstrate good design skills, clarity of content and structure. We have experience of various language and development tools including:

  • Firmware C
  • Visual C, C++, Basic
  • Java, Pearl
  • PHP, scripting languages
  • Assembler
  • Labview™
  • Matlab™
  • Realtime Systems
  • Embedded Systems
  • PC Applications
  • Linux
  • Control
  • Embedded
  • Image Processing
Software Design

Temperature Control Products

We specialise in temperature control products. Our high quality temperature control products include:

  • PC Control
  • Standalone
  • Autotune PID
  • OEM/Building Block
  • Easy to Use
  • Full Featured
Temperature Control Products

Bespoke Electronic Engineering Solutions

We specialise in bespoke electronic engineering solutions and provide turnkey solutions. Our bespoke electronic engineering solutions include only high quality services in full bespoke product design, development, manufacture and consultancy.

Bespoke Electronic Engineering Solutions

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