Elevated Photos Ltd


Suppliers of lightweight portable telescopic masts with tripod or car mounting kit through to 100 ft mast vehicle systems for spectacular ground based aerial photography and video

Elevated Photos has been supplying systems to a wide range of organisations and end users, including business opportunities, (offering a niche service to Commercial and Residential Estate Agents), Police Forces, Universities, Security Companies, and the Construction Industry. 

The ElevatedPhotos.com kit will allow professional photographers to extend the range of images at their disposal.

  • Aerial Photography
  • Accident Investigation
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Fire & Terrorism Investigation
  • Overt & Covert Surveillance
  • Special Event Security - Crowd Monitoring & Control
  • Airport & Transport
  • Terminal Protection
  • Private Property Protection
  • Commercial Property Protection
  • Location & Site Surveys
  • Data Gathering for Research
  • Compilation of Records for Documentation
  • Photography of Operational Units
  • Press & Public Relations
  • Photography

Elevated Photos is the world's premier supplier of ground based aerial photographic and video equipment.

Portable Aerial Photographic Solutions provided for:

The Construction Industry, Police Forces, Security Companies, Insurance Companies, Loss Adjusters, Solicitors, Builders, Environmental Projects, Surveyors, Residential Estate Agents, Planning Authorities, Universities, Fire Investigation, Councils, Risk Assessment, Roof Inspections, Contractors, Event Photographers, Landscape Gardeners, Marketing Companies, Advertising Agencies, Commercial Estate Agents, Archaeologists, Geologists, Civil Engineers, Geophysicists, Photographers, Forensic Scientists, Architects, Surveyors, News Agencies, Airports and many more

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