Elite Transducers


Elite Transducers is one of the industries leading manufacturers of LOAD CELLS, now certified to ISO 9001 2000. Our products are supplied into a variety of applications, such as CRANE SAFETY, AGRICULTURAL, MARINE , and the construction industry. A range of WEIGHING EQUIPMENT now comes with ATEX approval , including a SILO MOUNT ASSEMBLY now offered with autophoretic coatings for the bracket assembly. High IP RATINGS come as standard on most of the product range .We have a range of LOAD PINS straingauged both internally and externally to suit most applications. An OIML approved BIN LIFT cell is available for recording the weight of refuse collected. AUTOMOTIVE MEDICAL and the NUCLEAR industries are other areas that require LOAD MEASURING equipment. The LOAD LINK is a convenient way of weighing whilst lifting, offered as a TELEMETRY or cabled version. A range of LOAD CELL accessories are also available.

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