Emkay Plastics Ltd

Steve King and Paul Meek have formed Emkay Plastics Ltd and is Rohm's agent for the distribution of Rohacell IG foam in the UK and are the third company to offer this service and the second outside Germany where Rohacell is produced.

Emkay Plastics have invested in a state of the art horizontal band saw, which is the only one of its kind in the UK. Which enables Emkay Plastics to cut Rohacell IG foam blocks to various thicknesses and sizes to a tolerance of +/-0.5mm depending on customer's requirements.

The blocks in their raw form are 2600 x 1300 and vary in thickness depending on grade, which are then de-skinned and trimmed to a standard size of 2500 x 1250mm. Once this has been done the blocks are ready to be cut to order in sheet format. Typically customers may order 1.5mm thick sheet in a 1250 x 625mm format to a 65mm thick sheet in a 2500 x 1250mm format.

Emkay Plastics can currently offer the following grades from stock 31,51,71 and 110IG in either normal or fine grades. With Rohacell IG stock in its raw block form now held at Emkay Plastics factory in the UK this now means delivery time has been dramatically reduced from a typical four to six weeks delivery time from Germany to a next day service from Emkay Plastics, thus pleasing both Rohm's UK customers and taking the strain off Rohm's own cutting plant in Darmstadt therefore helping speed up deliveries around the globe. Rohacell serves as core material for structural composites.

Whether employed for prepreg, SMC or RTM techniques, they allow curing temperatures of up to 160c and pressures of 0.7 Mpa, Rohacell also offers the additional advantage of being thermo formable. Rohacell is a closed-cell rigid foam plastic based on PMI (polymethacryl-imide), which does not contain any CFC's. Used widely in the aircraft aerospace industries, boat building, sports equipment and Architectural Model making industries. It has also been used for the masts in the Team Phillips Global Challenge catamaran, and is widely used by Formula One Grand Prix Teams.

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