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Encap offers cost effective plastic injection moulding: from as little as 500 to upwards of 500,000 parts. Prior to the first production run we always supply free sample parts to ensure your satisfaction.

Component Encapsulation

We have years of experience in product encapsulation by overmoulding. Some examples of using the process are, to add a protective layer around delicate electronics, to enhance design aesthetics or to add functionality to a design.

Component Encapsulation

Insert Moulding

Injection moulded parts requiring metal inserts are also possible either by loading the inserts into the tool prior to moulding or by pushing the inserts into the parts after moulding.

Insert Moulding

Secondary Operations (Second Ops)

Some design features are produced more cost effectively by performing secondary operations, drilling, tapping or milling after injection moulding

Materials Processed


Design and Development

Using the latest 3D CAD software we are able to offer design and development of products in house. With our knowledge and expertise we can advise on the feasibility of your design as an injection moulded product and offer solutions which benefit productivity and cost savings.

Encap will create a 3D CAD model of your design from initial concept sketches or we'll use your own CAD data. We are able to accept CAD data in a variety of file formats and media.

Design and Development

EDM Electrode creation and Machining (CAD/CAM)

Toolmakers can take advantage of this subcontract service. See our website for further details.

Prototypes and Models

You will be able to see how your part will look as a finished product as we can arrange manufacture of pre-production prototypes, block models or SLA, SLS.

Injection Mould Tooling

New Injection Mould Tooling
Encap has close links with local toolmakers and can source injection mould tooling plus any additional jigs and fixtures which may be required to assemble and finish your product.

You can be confident that tooling sourced by Encap will be maintained throughout it's working life.

Existing Injection Mould Tooling
If you supply an existing mould tool, we will assess its suitability for the expected life of the project and organise any modifications or improvements as required.

Injection Mould Tooling


We can also handle assembly and packing of products

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