Energylinx for Business


ENERGYLINX for business is a young company.  It was established in 2012 with the aim of introducing an online platform that will allow Business Customers to quickly and conveniently compare and change Energy Suppliers online.

Ultimately the aim of the business is to provide the best online service for transferring accurate and timely information from Service Suppliers to Business Customers at minimum cost.  Our business is not simply energy comparison but rather information transfer that will help Businesses to maximise their trading advantage.


We are completely impartial and have no loyalty to any given Supplier.  We simply transfer information from one party to another and thus do not limit or influence trading arrangements to improve our own profits.

Our Fees

Some parties say that their energy comparison service is FREE. It is not free as all Energy Suppliers pay commission to Brokers or Third Party Intermediaries (TPis). Any commissions we receive as a Broker we pass back 100% to our Affiliates Partners.  In exchange for using our platform we charge our Affiliate Partners £9.99 per Successful Transfer. This is between 80% and 99% cheaper than any other Third Party Intermediary in this market.

We therefore give users of this platform the best deal possible, cutting down the cost of transfer which in turn will benefit the Business Customer.

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