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With over 90 years’ experience, we are the UK’s specialist CHAIN supplier in Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass and Plastic.  Our comprehensive range incorporates :-

        -    Chains in Welded Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass and Plastic

        -    Associated Chain Accessories/Fittings

        -    Chain Assemblies

        -   Security Chains, Cables and Padlocks including Sold Secure accredited products.

        -   Plastic Chains, Posts, Bases and Accessories

        -   Wire Rope, Grips and Thimbles

        -   Ironmongery

        -  Snowchains for cars and commercial vehicles



  • Specialists with many years' experience and extensive product knowledge.
  • Offering one of the most comprehensive product ranges in our industry
  • Assured product quality at competitive prices
  • High level stockholding with fast despatch
  • A unique chain assembly design and production service with products individually designed and manufactured in-house, as well as off-the-shelf items.
  • Committed to providing good, personal customer service and finding a solution to your requirements whether a stocked or specialised product. 
  • No account necessary.


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Small Brass Chains, Small Steel Chains and Fittings

The Ball and Small Chains  range comprises:- Curb Chain, Ball Chain, Knotted Chain, Chandelier Chain, Plumbers Chain, Oval Welded Chain, Single and Double Link Jack Chain, Clock Chain, Twisted Chain, Square Chain, Double Oval and Open - Joint Oval Chain, Mattress Chain, Gothic Chain and Standard Electro.

Extensive Decorative Chain range

We stock specially designed fittings for fixing, joining/lengthening these chains.

Finishes:- Chrome plated, Nickel plated, Zinc plated, Polished, Electrobronzed and Electrobrassed. 

Welded Steel Chain and Accessories

Made to UK and international standards, our extensive range of Welded Steel Chains are side welded for extra strength and include Straight Link, Long Link, Short Link, Twisted and Spiked Chains.  Available in Polished, Zinc Plated, Galvanised or Black finishes.

Our wide range of accompanying Welded Steel Chain Accessories are available ex-stock.

Stainless Steel Chain and Accessories

Our extensive range of Stainless Steel Chains in AISI 316 and 304 includes Straight Link, Long Link and Twisted Chains. We also stock a range of Stainless Steel Fittings, including Marine Fittings and Wire Rope.

Chain Assemblies

Using our complete range of chains, we manufacture standard Plumbing Assemblies, ID/Key/Tag Chains as well as Chain Assemblies to our customers’ own designs.

Security Chains, Cable Locks and Padlocks

Our specialist knowledge in this field enables us to produce chains to our own specification and to offer Security Chains for applications from garden gates to very high level Security Chains for motorbikes and industrial plant equipment - these being Sold Secure and Thatcham certified.

Our Padlocks are manufactured to ISO9000 standards many to our own specification. We also stock a selection of Cable Locks and U-Shackle Locks and tested proprietary locks including Tri-Circle Locks. 

Plastic Chain

We stock  Plastic Chain in a variety of types, sizes and colours + complementary fittings, also Spiked Plastic Posts and Posts to fit our standard bases.


Our high quality range includes Hinges, Field Gate Ironmongery, Gate Catches/Latches as well as Hasps, Staples and Security Bolts.


For many years we have supplied high quality Italian snowchains for cars and snowchains for commercial vehicles.

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