Envirocombustion Systems Ltd


Air Pollution Control Engineers, equipment and spares suppliers and routine and breakdown servicing

We provide:

  • Air Pollution Control Plant and Equipment
  • Pollution Control Equipment Fuel and Destruction efficiency upgrades
  • Spares and Service Support to all types of Industrial Air Pollution Control
  • Crematoria, Clinical and Solid Waste Oxidiser and Incinerator Plant & Servicing
  • Heat Recovery Systems - 95% savings on fuel use
  • VOC Emission Testing
  • Thermal Oxidisers, Regenerative Oxidisers, Catalytic Oxidisers, Direct Fired Oxidisers Recuperative Oxidisers

We are:

  • Safecontractor accredited
  • CHAS accredited
  • GAS Safe Registered

Based in Congleton, Cheshire, UK we are at the heart of the motorway and airport network for easy access to the UK and Europe

Envirocombustion Systems Ltd

Envirocombustion Systems Limited provides new and second hand pollution control plant and equipment, fuel and destruction efficiency upgrades, spares and service support to all types of industrial air pollution control, crematoria, clinical and solid waste oxidiser and incinerator plant.

We offer technological and efficiency upgrades to air pollution control plant and equipment and provide authorisation compliance emission testing with our independent partner testing company as part of a menu of service provision.

We deliver a unique team who specialise in the combination of combustion, mechanical, electrical and control systems that are applied in the field for the many types of pollution control equipment.

Air Pollution Control Equipment

Equipment types covered include all makes of Thermal, Regenerative Thermal, Catalytic, Regenerative Catalytic and Recuperative Catalytic Oxidisers plus in combination with one of the foregoing, Concentrator Systems.

VOC Thermal Oxidisers

Thermal Oxidisers convert  Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are generally hydrocarbons, into Carbon Dioxide and Water by a process of oxidation. Thermal Oxidisers ensure and maintain a high destruction removal efficiency. There are three types of Thermal oxidiser; Direct fired, Recuperative and Regenerative thermal oxidisers.

This same reaction can be achieved at much lower temperatures in the presence of a catalyst. The resulting advantage over thermal oxidation is the potential reduction in support fuel use. For large volume waste streams with very dilute levels of VOCs, a concentrator may be used as pre treatment to thermal or catalytic oxidation.

As well as providing all of the above equipment new or reconditioned we provide VOC Emission Testing on all plant equipment.

Solid Waste Incinerators

We provide service support to incinerators.

Equipment covered includes all makes of rotary, static hearth incinerators and associated control systems, handling equipment and analysis equipment.

We also provide expertise on hot gas filtration and Oxygen and Carbon Monoxide online control.

Routine Service

Envirocombustion provide routine service contracts that will incorporate a detailed inspection and service of your plant.

We aim to deliver a comprehensive and full service package for our customers. We offer routine and emergency breakdown services on all types of incinerator and oxidiser plant.

We offer a thorough and detailed routine maintenance package coupled to the correct set up and balance of individual plants. We have developed an advanced system of Risk and Technical Method Statements for the works we do that are tailored to the specific requirements of our customers and their plant requirements.

All our work is recorded and documented by our engineers in service reports. Check lists along with any recommendations or proposals advise abnormalities, faults or potential failure of plant allowing programmed maintenance to be planned.

Envirocombustion know it is important and provides essential service information in a clear and legible format to ensure credible, easily read and understood information to our customers. 


We regularly provide upgrades for mechanical and control components to improve safety, reliability or data acquisition as required or recommended.

We provide energy saving upgrades to air pollution control plant that can reduce direct energy use or provide recovered heat energy for use elsewhere on a plant.

We deliver specialist mechanical, electrical and control support to ensure reliable, optimum and efficient operation of air pollution control plant and the ancillary equipment and instrumentation.

Air Pollution Control Techniques

  • Thermal Oxidisers
  • Direct Fired Oxidisers
  • Recuperative Systems
  • Regenerative Systems
  • Catalytic Oxidiser Systems
  • Concentrator Systems


Envirocombustion Systems Limited can help you minimise your fuel costs by either increasing your oxidiser efficiency or displacing fuel use elsewhere. Every piece of plant whatever its use or function can be made to operate more efficiently, we have the experience and the know how to make these savings economically viable with the operation of your RTO. We can examine your equipment and calculate the savings you can make over time.

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