EOLE Engineering


EOLE Engineering is specialist in design, manufacturing and sales of centrifugal and axial industrial fans. The high quality and reliability of its products gives to his customers a real guaranty of performance in their processes.

EOLE Engineering products are installed all over the world. The company is located in Brussels, the hearth of Europe. With more than 20 Years experience in industrial fans, the company team is at your disposal for advice, circuit calculation, process analyses, flow measurements, noise measurements, and maintenance of all industrial fans.

The main sectors are Glass industry, iron and steel industry, energy, chemical and petrochemical industry, food industry, cement industry, waste burnings, fertilizers plans, textile industry, wood industry, mines, Railways, ...

Specialist for severe conditions such as : high temperature, high speed, anti-sticking, corrosion, abrasion, gas tightness ...

In you need some help in the field of industrial fans, just have a call, we will give you the best solution to any problem related to motion of gaseous in industrial fans.

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