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We provide glass fibre mouldings for domestic, commercial and industrial customers. We are manufacturers and suppliers of glass fibre mouldings (fibre glass/GRP - glass-reinforced plastic) products. We specialise in bespoke and production line projects including race car bodies, flat roofing, wet rooms, arcade machines, fairground rides, and shop fitting.

With over 30 years of experience in the glass fibre mouldings trade, we can deal with any shape or type of product our customers need. We have comprehensive knowledge of all the materials used in the production of GRP products such as Polyester resin, epoxy resin, carbon fibre and wovens.

Glass fibre / GRP Race Car Bodies

We are able to manufacture and produce glass fibre / GRP race car bodies used extensively in the sport.

If you have any requirements concerning glass fibre / GRP race car bodies, do not hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to help.

Glass fibre / GRP Race Car Bodies

Glass Fibre / GRP Architectural Features

Recently we have detected a new interest among architects and designers recognising the special qualities of translucent fibreglass in a wide variety of interior settings and applications. When our glass fibre / GRP architectural features are back lit, the material assumes a patterned appearance the density and colour.

Our glass fibre / GRP architectural features material can be moulded to form complex design features or used simply as wall cover or for partitioning purposes. Choice can be made from a spectrum of colours and the material can be manufactured to a fire retardancy standard of Class O/1.

Glass Fibre / GRP Architectural Features

Glass fibre / GRP Civil & Industrial

We are fully equipped to undertake glass fibre / GRP civil and industrial work of all kinds. We have more than 20 years manufacturing experience in the field of glass fibre / GRP civil and industrial work. This has strengthened the company's technical expertise and we have earned a reputation for high quality production at competitive prices.

Our facilities and the workforce skills allow both short and long production runs to be undertaken. Clients will also receive technical advice should this be needed plus a dedication to the highest standards of service and support.

Glass fibre / GRP Civil & Industrial

Glass Fibre / GRP Containment Areas

Where sealing work is needed we provide a glass fibre / GRP containment areas solution as long as the correct resin formulation is used. Such approaches will provide a long lasting treatment for both new build and refurbishment work.

We are involved in the lining of storage tanks in GRP for oil companies and other storage tank users. At a different end of the industrial spectrum GRP linings are used for swimming pools to prevent and contain leakages and indeed for fish ponds where they serve a similar purpose.

Our glass fibre / GRP containment areas includes:

  •  Swimming pool tanked out on-site
  •  Over 500 square metres of GRP tanking some areas wet laid up direct on to concrete some areas with preformed sheet
Glass Fibre / GRP Containment Areas

Glass Fibre / GRP Amusements

We can provide glass fibre / GRP for amusements applications and these are very unique in their design and set up. If you have a specific glass fibre / GRP amusements park product requirement, please contact us and we can help.

Alternatively, please see our website for more details and images of glass fibre / GRP amusements work we have carried out.

Glass Fibre / GRP Amusements

Glass fibre / GRP Shop Fittings

For many years we have been working closely with designers and shop fitters to produce glass fibre / GRP shop fittings and fascias and other products for the retail industry. Our clients include many of the biggest names in retailing.
Likewise our glass fibre / GRP shop fittings includes products found as you move through into the stores and includes the manufacture of supermarket checkouts as well as merchandise display items.

Our in depth experience is at the disposal of shop fitters and retail designers and includes:

  • Cast resin hands to display client’s product at there head office reception area
  • Pay desk in translucent pearl finish
  • Moulded skittles and bowling ball in entrance to ten pin bowling alleys
  • Cash desk and fascia panel in grey granite finish
  • Express checkout moulded in one piece top, finished in very hard wearing granite effect finish
Glass fibre / GRP Shop Fittings

Glass Fibre / GRP Signs

We have long been associated with the sign industry and have carried out a great variety of work in this area. Our glass fibre / GRP signs work includes forecourt signage for a major oil company, McDonalds Drive Thru signage and others.

In a different sector we have also undertaken many complex projects involving highly intricate manufacture. One such glass fibre / GRP signs project involved a wall sculpture by Gerda Rubenstein for Tesco and similar work was carried out for Whitbread.

Examples of our work include:

  •  Outer casing moulded in GRP for this totem sign
  • Cast bronze resin hands mounted on sparkly granite affect back ground board
  • 6m x 4m sign panel with relief sculpture
  • White background fascia board and projecting sign in gloss GRP
Glass Fibre / GRP Signs

Glass fibre / GRP Water Features

The production of glass fibre / GRP water features is a niche undertaking since care must be taken during the manufacture to prevent future water seepage. Typically a glass fibre / GRP water features includes on-site lining of all water bearing components in GRP and the manufacture of related items such as sump boxes.

At the other extreme we have become involved with the creation of statuary designed to form the focal point of these features. An example of such work was the making of a 10 metre-high statue of Aurora for the P&O Cruise ship of that name.
We have accumulated special knowledge in this particular field and our experience uniquely qualifies us to undertake this complex and demanding work in the UK, Europe and worldwide.



Glass fibre / GRP Water Features

Glass Fibre / GRP Wet Rooms

We can provide a quality glass fibre / GRP wet rooms service drawing on our experience in GRP products. Shower and bathrooms are at risk from water penetration through a natural stone finish since stone is a permeable material and through grouting joints.

Our glass fibre / GRP wet rooms solution is ideal for tackling this particular problem. Our proactive shield is formed from GRP composite materials which are applied by hand using resin and gel-coats of marine grade that are of Lloyds Certified quality. These composite materials form an integral seamless membrane which covers the floor area and continues up the walls to a height of 200mm or to a specified height up to ceiling level. This membrane is applied by highly skilled specialists who take great care to ensure that a good finish is achieved on the sub-strata provided by the builder for the marbling or tiling work which follows.

Our material is completely unaffected by temperature conditions and, moreover, is impervious to water even when submerged. Our GRP lining therefore provides a hard, water impervious barrier on top of which marbling or tiling work can take place. 

Glass Fibre / GRP Wet Rooms

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