ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd


ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd was formed 27 years ago and is the most experienced supplier of odour and air pollution control systems in the UK.

ERG supplies a range of equipment on a turn-key basis which covers both wet and dry scrubbing systems including;

  • V-tex scrubbers under licence from Accentus plc
  • Odorgard scrubbers under licence from Johnson Matthey plc
  • High temperature quenches
  • Packed tower scrubbers
  • Venturi scrubbers (variable throat)
  • Biofilter and bioscrubber systems
  • Activated carbon filters (5 different types)
  • Plate scrubbers
  • Vent eductor scrubbers
  • Demister units
  • Cross-flow scrubbers
  • Cyclones (dry and wet)
  • Bag filters
  • Specialist dry media adsorption units
  • Wet electrostatic precipitators
  • Catalytic iron filters (CIFs)

ERG offers the following services:

  • Maintenance contracts
  • Odour dispersion modeling
  • Odour bag sampling and testing
  • Front-end engineering design studies
  • BAT appraisals
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