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Esme Valves is a small private company based in Basingstoke, England, which has been in business since 1939, it is a Member of British Valve and Actuator Manufactures Association (B.V.A.M.A).

Our products comprise direct acting and pilot operated pressure regulators and control valves, for use in the Petrochemical, Chemical, Power, Gas and Process industries. Esme currently supplies many major companies worldwide.

The valves are of U.K. origin and produced to customer order at our Basingstoke Factory. Over half a century’s experience together with the size of the company allows special construction and unusual requirements to be carried out quickly and effectively. Valve Bodies can be supplied in any material that can be cast, with machining by CNC Machines to ensure a high standard of manufacture. To maintain our high standard ESME is accredited BS ENISO 9001:2000 by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance (Certificate No. 934467).

Esme Valves manufacture valves of the following types and sizes.

  • Self actuated pressure regulators for the control of steam, fluids and gases in body sizes ¼"  to 6".
  • Air pilot operated pressure regulators for the control of steam, fluids and gases in body sizes 1" to 8".
  • Direct pilot operated pressure regulators for the control of steam, fluids and gases in body sizes 2" to 8".

R850 - Control Valve

The R850 series double seat control valves are generously proportioned to give long life under the most arduous service. Valve internals are top and bottom guided to give the plug maximum support and stiffness and three different plug forms are available. Reduced trims can be fitted offering smaller port sizes than normal.

R280 - Downstream Pilot Operated Pressure Regulator

These self-contained pilot operated pressure regulators are capable of controlling set pressure to close limits. They have high capacity, are stable in operation and can be used for pressure control of liquids that are compatible with the materials of construction. In all cases the pilot bleeds downstream. Line fluid is used as the operating medium so the viscosity of the fluid should not exceed about 150 seconds Redwood No. 1 at flowing temperature.

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R1460 - Downstream Pressure Reducing Regulator

R1460 Series valves are self-contained. Diaphragm operated pressure regulators, suitable for oil water gases, steam, chemicals and cryogenic systems.

The valves are robustly constructed to ensure long and satisfactory service, with renewal parts being readily available. Basically each valve consists of an actuator fitted to a flanged or screwed globe type valve body containing the plug, seat and stem. Actuators vary in size, the smallest used for the highest pressures, and are interchangeable between valve bodies.

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R514 - Downstream Pressure Reducing Regulator

The Type R512 is a downstream pressure regulator designed for the control of gases and liquids under conditions of low flow. It is constructed to withstand high inlet pressure and will control the downstream pressure of small flowing quantities accurately. Variations from standard valve include special materials to customer’s requirements and cryogenic applications.

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