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When he couldn't find a high quality manufactured stock that met all his requirements, Nigel Crane decided to make his own instead.

He founded Essential Cuisine in 1995 and now his range of stock, jus and glaces are enjoyed by restaurant-goers across the UK.

Nigel Crane trained under world famous chef Anton Mossiman at the Michelin starred Dorchester Hotel in London. He is a member of the exclusive Dorchester Sous Chefs club and has cooked for royalty.

As well as a distinguished career working in some of the country's top kitchens, he has more than 15 years experience in technical product development.

Over the last decade, the company has built up a portfolio of customers including leading London hotels, gourmet restaurants, Premiership football clubs and major British entertainment venues.


Stocks (often mistakenly called bouillons) are one of the cornerstones of a good kitchen: They are a key ingredient in your recipe, the heart and soul, delivering depth and balance of flavour in the final dish.

So make sure your stock delivers on taste!

Value Comparison

Stocks are a staple ingredient in your cooking, so you should always use the best tasting stocks you can find.

You can buy stocks/bouillons at any price level, but be sure to compare quality and yield:

A good indication of quality is the ingredient list which will show the main ingredient first.  Lower quality stocks will have less stock in them, relying on flavour enhancers (eg MSG) and salt to boost the taste.  You can buy a cheap stock - but is it really worth risking the meal for a couple of pence?

The yield is the number of litres produced by the pot, enabling you to calculate cost per litre. Always compare the stated yield with the actual yield. In practice you will need a greater concentration of a lower quality stock in trying to deliver the flavour you seek.

Premier Jus Mix

Essential Cuisine Premier Veal Jus, Lamb Jus and Chicken Jus give you the quality of a traditional 5 star jus in minutes, so you need never run out. Our versatile jus have the meaty taste, viscous feel and the mirror-like sheen of a traditional jus - but can be made up in a fraction of the time. Makes just as much as you need.

Removes the need for costly sourcing and preparation of veal and lamb bones, whilst eliminating this sensitive area of food safety; concentrated base - 1kg tub makes 8 litres of finished jus; 2 tubs per case.

Value Comparison

Better value than making your own or the cost of buying in a chilled jus.
Please remember to take account of your own time and energy costs when making a value comparison.

Classic Demi Glace

Our range of traditional style demi-glace mixes offer exceptional quality and value and are the perfect base for all your stews, gravies and braises. Thickened slightly for your convenience.  

Glace - stock reductions

Originally launched in 2004 we have extended our range of glaces over time as the result of customer demand. These authentic stock reductions provide great taste and flavour, and the intensity of flavour delivery perfect to finish any sauce.

Use them with confidence as you would any reduced stock or glaze.

Gravy Mix

Most of the gravies available to the catering market appear to us to have lost sight of what gravy is all about: a meaty, tasty and moreish accompaniment to many of our classic national dishes; roasts, grills, sausages, pasties and pies.

Not for us the bland ‘cover all’ product with no particular taste. Our No1 gravies contain meat stock and fat/dripping to give that great gravy taste.

We have created our gravies to be served with pride: ‘gravy as it should be’.

Value Comparison

The gravy you use may make or breakthe meal experience, but it typically represents just 2% of the ingredient cost of a carvery meal*

So always use the best tasting gravy you can – it will pay you to do so.

* based on £7.95 meal price at 70% gross margin.

Signature Jus

Products under the Signature range will all be 'ready to use', providing you with the ultimate combination of quality and convenience. For us, the Signature Range will represent the very best we can achieve in our quest to provide the taste and performance of kitchen made stocks.

Please see the product page for our first 'ready to use' jus base, Signature Beef Jus.

Halal Stock Mixes

We have launched a chef-inspired range of halal-approved stocks to give caterers complete peace of mind when creating dishes in today’s ethnically-diverse society.

These powdered halal stocks make life easier for everyone from school caterers, who must make every effort possible to cater for every pupil’s needs, whatever their culture, to leisure venues such as sports stadia, which cater for a high ethnic consumer base.

Each halal stock is made in a dedicated, licensed production unit by staff trained in appropriate handling of halal ingredients and products, and managed according to HACCP principals to ensure segregation from non-halal materials throughout the production process.

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