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Is your company still using broadband for Internet access? Do you still have to endure the ever-increasing effects of contention? Ethernet First Mile (EFM) internet leased lines give you a direct ethernet connection from your business to the internet, which is not shared with any other users or businesses in your area.

Faster Than ADSL

EFM leased lines are available in a variety of fixed bandwidth speeds from 2 to 20MB/s, subject to survey. All EFM and leasedline services have zero contention, and therefore performance and bandwidth speed are far beyond what is achieved with ADSL and bonded DSL connections.

Upload Vs Download

EFM leased lines are fully synchronous connections. The same bandwidth is provided in both directions, making larger file transfers and high-bandwidth applications such as VPN networks fully achievable at low cost.

Bonded DSL?

Bonded ADSL services share connections to the exchange with other businesses and users in your locality.

This approach may increase the internet bandwidth available and your chances of a decent connection, however the increase is minimalized particularly when local ADSL contention ratios are high. The only real way of guaranteeing optimum performance is to employ EFM leased lines.

Upgrade Your Megastream

EFM internet connections give you the option to upgrade your internet Megastream leased line connectivity. 

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