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We are market leaders in the supply of a wide range of test equipment. With our test equipment and all other products, quality to ISO 9001:2008 is our minimum requirement.

Customer satisfaction is the key to our success, providing a second to none service. Each division of Euremica provides the same personal attention and technical help throughout our product range. Flow, pressure, analytical/environmental and electrical divisions are here to meet your needs whether purchasing, hiring, service, repair or calibration.

Data Logging

Within our extensive product range we supply top of the range data logging equipment. Our data logging product range includes the Barton 242E Chart Recorder and the Datataker DT800 Data Logger.

Further options include:

  • Rototherm RTO Series Chart Recorders
  • ThermaData Temperature Logger
  • Yokogawa DX104 4 Channel Paperless Recorder
  • Microvip 3plus Power Quality Analyzer
  • Yokogawa DX2020 20 Channel Paperless Recorder

Please visit our website for more information on the above products including prices.

Data Logging

Process Equipment

Our wide product range includes varying options in process equipment.

Our process equipment includes the following:

  • 787 Process Multimeter: A maintenance and calibration tool that will be at home in every instrumentation technician's tool box
  • Druck Unimat UPS Loop Calibrator: Sources and reads milliamps, simulates two-wire transmitters, powers and reads two-wire transmitters
  • Fluke 707Ex Loop Calibrator: The 707Ex is an intrinsically safe loop calibrator for use in explosion endangered areas
Process Equipment

Flow Measurement

We also supply a comprehensive range of flow measurement equipment. Our flow measurement equipment includes the PVM 100 Manometer and the GE Panametrics TransPort PT878 Ultrasonic Flow Meter.

Further options include:

  • 2083P Digital Manometer
  • Cal 95 Micro Manometer
  • 1 1/2 inch Turbine Flow Meter
  • 2.0 inch Turbine Flow Meter
Flow Measurement


Our range of temperature equipment includes numerous options in thermometers. Our supply of thermometers are market leading and suitable to a range of applications and requirements.

They include:

  • Digitron 2000T Digital Thermometer: Simple to operate, standard splash-proof IP65, robust case for long life in harsh environments
  • Fluke 62 mini IR Thermometer: The Fluke 62 Mini non-contact thermometer is the perfect introduction to infrared (IR) thermometers for the professional
  • Fluke 65 Infrared Thermometer: The Fluke 65 Infrared Thermometer is a noncontact thermometer with laser pointer
  • Time 1041 Decade Box: The 1041 resistance decade box is a compact, robust and accurate decade resistance box designed for applications in both industry and education 

Pressure Testing

For the most reliable, well manufactured and technologically leading pressure testing equipment, we provide unbeatable options.

Our pressure testing equipment includes:

  • Hydraulic Hose: We stock pressure hoses in three metre lengths, six metre lengths and nine metre lengths
  • 10 inch Standard Test Gauge: Various Pressure ranges available from -1 bar up to 1600 bar
  • Druck PV-212 Scissor Action Hand Pump Without digital Gauge: The PV212 Druck Hydraulic Hand Pump is a well made device, intended to generate hydraulic pressures quickly and easily
  • Hi-Force Hand Pump: This Hi-Force manually operated hydraulic two speed hand pump is suitable for use with a wide variety of liquids including water
Pressure Testing

Gas Detection

We are stockists and suppliers of an eclectic variety of gas detection products. Our gas detection products are market leading and diverse, suitable for many requirements.

Our gas detection product range includes:

  • Gasman O2 Personal Single Gas Detector: The Gasman O2 full function personal single gas monitor is compact and lightweight yet is fully ruggedised for the toughest of industrial environments
  • GMI Gascoseeker MKI Natural gas Detector: The Gascoseeker MK1 detects natural gas (methane), giving clear, quantified, unambiguous readings
  • Telegan V2 Flue Gas Analyser
  • Crowcon Tetra 3 Gas Detector
Gas Detection


For the most wide ranging and reliable options in multimeters, we have the leading product range.

Our wide range of multimeters includes:

  • Fluke 177 Multimeter: True-rms AC Voltage and Current Measurement for Accurate Readings on all Waveforms
  • PD690 Proving Unit: The PD690 proving unit produces 690V AC/DC to enable voltage indicators to be fully checked
  • Phase Rotation Indicators
  • VI13700G Voltage Indicator

Air Flow Measurement

Our air flow measurement products include:

  • LCA 301 Rotating Vane Anemometer: Model LCA301 is a light weight, robust, reversible and simple to use Rotating Vane Anemometer that provides accurate and reliable readings every time
  • TA5 Hot Wire Anemometer: Airflows TA5 Thermal Anemometer is the state of the art in portable air velocity and air temperature measurement
  • AV30 Anemometer
  • TA460-P Air Velocity Meter
Air Flow Measurement

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