Euro Recycling Ltd

Over 1 million tonnes of electrical / electronic waste is discarded in the UK every year, and it's estimated to be growing by 4 - 8 % every year

(Source: The Environment Agency)

With the introduction of the W.E.E.E. Directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and RoHS Directive (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) companies have an obligation for correct disposal of old and redundant IT equipment.

Euro-Recycling will assist you to meet these obligations.

Based in the South West with national coverage through our Franchisee collection network. Our Head Office in Hallen near Avonmouth has onsite facilities for storage and processing of IT Equipment.

The Data Protection Act (1998) holds companies responsible for ensuring that personal information about staff and customers does not fall into the wrong hands!

Over 75% of companies are unaware of their obligations for data removal under the data protection Act 1998.

Euro-Recycling has licensed software for Data removal.
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