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Eurologix is a true global “Turnkey Security Solution” company, which designs, manufactures and provides professional services to our global clients and international organisations.

Our strength is our belief and sustained development of our staff and our constant search for “talented” professionals to join our “family” to create and shape the future dynamics.

Eurologix looks for opportunities where we can offer innovation, superior services and offering more value to the market, and we seize them. We often move into areas where the customer has traditionally received a poor deal, and where the competition is complacent. And with our growing e-commerce activities, we also look to deliver “old” products and services in new innovative ways. Always first to make the market and being pro active and quick to act, often leaving bigger and more cumbersome organisations in our wake.

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IP Cameras

Whether it’s office monitoring, home, warehouse or shop security, IP Cameras are the best, most effective and lowest cost security device to give maximum peace of mind. IP Cameras are flexible, simple and highly effective, with easy installation and setup. They are equipped with automatic night vision for day/night settings, and motion detectors which can be linked to an alarm to alert you

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Bomb Jammers

The Eurologix RCIED Jammers are intended to block coded radio signals received by radio controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIED) based upon GSM 900, AMPS/DAMPS, CDMA, GSM 1800, GSM 1900 cellular phones and DECT wireless phones.

Body Orifice Scanning

The Body Orifice Scanning system is designed for modern security inspection of body cavities through its innovative technology design. The operation of the Body Orifice Scanning system prevents the de-grading body orifice manual search that cannot necessarily penetrate all cavity areas with the speed and accuracy of technology detection.

The Unit utilises visual and audible alarms to alert the operator to the area of the body cavity that contains concealed objects. The Body Orifice Scanning system has undergone extensive testing with the UK Home Office and European, American regulatory profesional testing agencies.

X-Ray Security

- Velocity 3D-6040
- X-Ray Inspection Camera
- Boss I
- Boss II
- Boss III
- Velocity Corporate
- Velocity Checkpoint
- Velocity Bulk
- Velocity Bulk Autovan
- Mobile X-ray Search Vehicle
- Cargo 150150
- Cargo 160190
- Safe-haven
- Entry & Exit Roller Tables
- Refurbished X-Ray Products
- Rentals


Eurologix Security has an extensive stock of quality maintained x-ray security products and metal detection equipment for rental. We can provide short and long term Rentals at the most competitive price in the market.
We can provide a rental service on the following products;
- X-ray Security Machines
- Metal archway detectors
- Handheld Metal detector wands
- Milliwave Body scanners
- Under vehicle screening equipment
- H1N1 (swine flu) Thermal imaging camera
- Drug test equipment
We provide a full rental service inclusive of delivery, installation, support and ensuring that you meet all the regulations during your rental. We ensure that you have the peace of mind while we take care of your security rental requirements.

Refurbished X-Ray Products

Eurologix Security has a select stock of refurbished and 2nd user quality X-ray machines from all x-ray security manufacturers. We can supply from a range of Tunnel Sizes from 500 cm x 300 cm up to 1650 cm x 1900cm with all popular models and advanced options. We also periodically have Cargo X-ray machines in stock and metal detection archways.

We offer a full warranty support on all our refurbished products and we can offer comprehensive support and extended warranty contracts. We can guarantee to supply spare parts for all refurbished models for 10 years or more.


Eurologix principal markets are listed and we ensure that we provide innovation and creativity to those markets backed up by a world-class service support infrastructure. These market sectors are technologically and operationally complex environments, where the pressure to modernise, enhance value and secure operations is growing. We also have an expanding client base in the wider commercial market.

Our business strategy in these markets is to provide innovative quality products that meet the requirements and the perception of the customer and regulator. We aim to provide the “Best in Class” imaging on all of our x-ray security products and the availability for 3 Dimensional imaging on all models. All of our security products are the latest cutting edge in security detection technology.

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Customer Service Desk

From our first day of operation, we have known that practical dedication to service, including rapid and informed customer centred response, is the key to building lasting customer relationships. As in the past, we look forward toward putting forth a world class effort designed especially to serve your unique interests and to ensure the achievement of your goals and objectives.

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