Europa Industries Ltd

Europa Industries supply a wide range of packaging products to industrial.

Europa Industries supply packaging for pallets but also general packaging as an extra add on to our clients.

We also sell environmentally friendly products which are:
  • Slipstop Layer Pads - Interleaving sheets with non-slip coating on both surfaces. Used between pallet layers as an aid to pallet stability. Binds units together. Prevents loads slippage during storage and transit. A cost effective alternative to wrapping and banding.

  • Winwrap - The way in which winwrap is produced means that rolls are more durable than that of conventional rolls. Less worker effort is required, firstly the reel weight is half that of conventional stretch film, secondly much less effort is needed to stretch the film when applying the film to the load because the work needed to do this has already been done for the worker in the pre-stretching process.
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