European Logistics Management Ltd

European Logistics Management give you efficiency, reliability and compliance. Help the environment and save unnecessary cost at the same time.

If you use or want to use Returnable Transit Packaging then we are the organisation that can make it work for you.

We offer four levels of service:
  • Full Service - Advice on RTP specification, Maintenance and Implementation of a returnable policy for RTP, Recovery logistics, Inspection, Refurbishment and Storage with full Analysis
  • Repax - The simple, single source of supply for new and recovered packaging. Minimise your number of suppliers by using our one stop shop for all your Returnable Transit Packaging requirements. We simplify the control of your budget and eliminate complex calculations when it comes to working out trip costs for RTP in your business.
  • Smart controller - Prefer to manage your transit packaging in-house? Use our web based software to manage packaging pools and to measure Recovery Costs, Cycle Times, pool Size etc. You can benefit from all of the experience that we have built into this system.
  • Pool Management - If you already employ reverse logistics for your transit packaging you can benefit from our field service teams and I.T. Systems. this service is particularly relevant to customers using expensive and sophisticated RTP systems where even a small increase in the recovery percentage can have significant financial benefits.
Working under ISO 9001:2000 we can deliver the service you need. Please Visit our website for full information.

Our planet, our Future

with more focus than ever on the preservation of the environment and protection of the world's natural resources, our service aims to minimise the footprint your company makes on our planet. The European Directive on packaging and packaging waste encourages us to:

Reduce - Recycle - Re-use
Our service facilitates the re-use of transit packaging and assists our customers to undertake a proactive approach when addressing their responsibilities under this EU Directive. ELM's services contribute to the global endeavour to reduce packaging waste by providing a real multi-trip solution for transit packaging. Our clients also reduce waste and time delays, this reduces cost.

Case Study: Company XXX and ELM - working together for efficiency, cost savings, better customer service and a better future.

What made them sign up for the new deal?

XXX's decision to implement a pallet return service is driven by the opportunity to combine a customer service improvement initiative with a desire to encourage practices that benefit the environment.

By recovering and re-using their pallets, XXX hope to significantly reduce their requirement for the purchase of new pallets. This fits perfectly with their environmental policy.

XXX’s customers will benefit from a convenient and auditable method for pallet return. Many XXX customers are currently progressing with their own ‘Environmental Initiatives’ and this service dovetails nicely with their objectives in that area, including cost savings on packaging waste disposal.

What are the advantages of being able to use ELM as a one stop shop?

ELM provides a complete solution for pallet pool management - from advice on pallet specification and design to the provision of efficient reverse logistics solutions for pallet recovery from the market. Combined with pallet inspection and repair, ELM will report on all aspects of pallet usage and performance in the XXX business. Of course, ELM go beyond pallets to Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) in their service provision.

ELM’s nationwide logistics structure combined with the extensive Scott Group depot network facilitate a level of service unrivalled in the UK market.

Convenience and service for XXX customers

ELM’s central contact centre and its highly trained field service team will agree convenient return procedures with XXX customer locations. A freephone number is available for XXX customers wishing to contact ELM directly. ELM’s makes best use of the latest information and communication technology. The SmartController, ELM’s bespoke software package, accurately measures customer returns and can provide auditable data for XXX customers’ environmental reporting on recycling/packaging re-use.

What were XXX requirements?
  • To provide a solution to the removal of pallets from their clients sites.
  • To provide a professionally managed and convenient service that will have a positive impact on their business and that of their customers.
  • To benefit from improved data regarding the use of pallets in their business
  • To help minimise waste at their customers’ sites.
  • To improve the environmental performance of their business and to provide the same opportunity for their customers.
Sustainability - how does the new deal improve sustainability?
  • Re-use of packaging creates a lower demand on raw materials usage.
What benefits do XXX receive from working with ELM?
  • A hassle-free solution to the implementation and on-going management of a proven system of pallet recovery and re-use.
Quote from Michael Noble, MD of ELM

“We are very pleased that XXX has recognised the benefits of pallet re-use and have decided to work with the team at ELM to ensure a professional approach to such a major customer service driven initiative”

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