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Logistics & Supply Chain Management – Efficient Multimodal Solutions

We are European Maritime Services Ltd,  talented Supply Chain professionals with a passion for helping businesses of all sizes transform their ideas into functional and effective logistics processes.   Technology leads the way and so we are developing simple user friendly websites using a variety of software to provide secure, scalable web based solutions that work on all devices, allowing mobile workers and executives to keep abreast of stock and KPI’s whilst on the move.


Our services:   Customs clearance, Trucking, Warehousing, Fulfilment, Packing and Export services.  We also offer consultancy services for DGSA & Customs.



We offer a full portfolio of freight & consultancy services, which have a global reach.

 Benefits to your business:

  * Robust implementation programme

  * Ongoing cost-saving initiatives

  * Network and load optimisation capacities

  * Open market supplier base

  * Open or closed book options

  * Profit sharing


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