European Springs and Pressings Ltd


European Springs & Pressings LTD encompasses two dynamic spring manufacturing facilities in London and Cornwall whilst also incorporating a stock facility in Elland, Yorkshire for the supply of our standard stock and Gas Springs.

All sites support customers in the Automotive, Telecommunications, Aerospace and Defence, Hydraulics, Domestic Appliances, Nuclear, Electrical Switch Gear, Lighting and Controls, Scientific Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Our philosophy is combining both technology and quality, supported by personal service to the very highest level of integrity. This allows us to continually meet the ever-changing requirements of both our customers and the market we operate in.

Both our philosophy and application of spring manufacturing excellence will ensure that we deliver a total product. This means that parts are supplied to the highest standards of quality on time.
For over 60 years both sites have achieved and maintained both the highest levels of technical expertise and innovative solutions allowing us to design, develop and manufacture high quality products to meet our customers’ needs.

Linked to our present capacity of producing more than 3,000,000 components per hour, this has enhanced our reputation worldwide. Our success is assured by continuous investment in both the very latest machinery and technology, working together with our professional and dedicated staff.

This solid 60 year foundation of achievement allows us now to look forward to the 21st Century with great confidence. We will continue our planned expansion without abandoning our belief in offering the highest level of dedicated service.


Wire forms have a wide range of purposes and can be created in a huge range of shapes and sizes, with virtually no limit on design specifications. European Springs have many years experience creating custom wire forms and have an extensive catalogue of standard wire forms to choose from.


European Springs are experts in producing pressings – from small orders to mass production, whilst always keeping the same high quality in our products. With a wide range of technology at our disposal we can easily choose the most suitable production methods for individual assignments, ensuring that high tolerances and perfect production is reached every time.

Gas Springs

At European Springs we have over 60 years experience in the field of designing and producing gas springs. During this time we have continued to advance our range of gas springs so that we always offer the best available technology at great prices. We always ensure that our products deliver high quality results combined with our excellent professional service so that you are always satisfied with the products you receive.

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