Eurotherm Ltd


As part of the Schneider Electric business, Eurotherm is a leading global supplier of industrial and process control, measurement and data management solutions and services. Our innovative products and solutions are designed to bring real benefits to customers by optimising processes, operations and plant efficiency.

  • More than 50 years of experience in world class process control, recording, data management and online services.
  • Supported by a continuous R&D programme.
  • Global sales and service network of expert engineers who understand the industries they serve.
  • Online services that define the future of how to handle data efficiently.
  • 1,200 employees worldwide in 60 countries.
  • More than 10,000 engineered solutions globally manufacturing operations in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pac.
  • ISO9001:2000 approved management system by LRQA.
  • Expert in providing statutory regulation and validation documentation.

Whether you need products or system solutions we can:


We are fully prepared to serve as your project manager from start to finish and beyond, adhering to all management protocols required by various validation authorities such as GAMP, FDA and Nadcap for a variety of customer needs including Life Science, Heat Treatment, Glass, Food and Beverage and other primary industries.

Power Control - Solid State Relays (SSRs), Power Switches and SCR Power Controllers

Improve process performance and save on energy costs with our formidable range of power products. Covering all types of load and voltage, these reliable products offer features such as high performance alarm strategies and advanced diagnostic load fault detection and are supported by our vast experience in all types of power control applications.

Recorders and Data Acquisition - Graphical and Chart Recorders for Data Management

Where process data needs to be logged over an extended period of time a data recorder can be used, providing secure data storage and easy access to process records. Collection of data can be required for compliance with some industry regulation, particularly in Heat Treatment (AMS2750) and Life Sciences (21 CFR).

Machine Control, PLC and PAC - Solutions for Hybrid Industries

Eurotherm brings a wealth of expertise in process automation across many industries and offers high performance solutions designed to provide ongoing operational efficiency. Our solutions are fully scalable from the smallest HMI to a large, enterprise wide automation network and minimise initial engineering costs with consistent, flexible tool sets

Controllers, Indicators and Alarms - Eurotherm PID Temperature Control and Process Control, Indicator and Alarm Unit Products

Improve process efficiency, product quality and minimise waste with our high accuracy controllers. These feature-rich instruments offer versatility in application and have clear, user friendly operator interfaces. Quickstart features, help text and PC graphical wiring ensure your engineering costs are minimised even with the most sophisticated of configurations.

Automation and Control Systems

Eurotherm have over 40 years experience in the systems business, designing and supporting automation and control projects for many key industries such as oil & gas, heat treatment, glass, life science, and utilities.

Many customers choose Eurotherm due to our specialist knowledge in precision control, secure recording and industrial processes that enables us to design precision control systems, particularly suited regulated industries. Many features of our unique control, recording and automation strategies help save energy, increase efficiency and improve quality of end products.

From small bespoke projects to global systems with 24/7 service level agreements, let us help you get the most from your process.

Calibration Management Service

Eurotherm Online Services (EOS) a trusted solution, for anywhere – anytime management and access to plant information. Specifically designed for industry it combines storage, workflow, access, and visualization of critical data in one place.

Life Science

Eurotherm is committed to developing DCS solutions, products and services specifically for the Life Sciences industry to continually minimise costs while maximising productivity.

Heat Treatment

Materials Processing - Composites, Heat Treatment Plating, Primary Metals Processing

Eurotherm have been providing engineered solutions for the Heat Treatment industry for more than 40 years.

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