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Welcome to Euroto……providing up to date solutions for the Printing, Labelling, Flexible Packaging, Converting, Plastics, Paper, Board and Metals Industries.

We supply:

  • Strobe Lighting Equipment
  • Static Elimination / Generation Systems
  • Web Cleaners
  • Ink Pumps
  • Slitting Dust Removal Systems
  • Web Video Inspection Systems
  • Automatic Web Inspection
  • 100% Inspection Systems

Euroto Cost Effective Solutions

We have experienced engineers to evaluate problems and provide cost effective solutions, backed up by our in-house maintenance and repairs service.

All the products we market will assist your company in;

  • Reducing waste
  • Reducing downtime
  • Improving efficiency
  • Improving quality
  • Increasing profitability

Working side-by-side with our manufacturing principals who are the leaders in their respective fields, Euroto can provide up-to-the-minute technology for your ever changing industry.

Euroto Ltd

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Here, at Euroto, we are convinced that we can provide you with high quality strobe lights at competitive prices to meet your specific demands. Our systems are easy to use, quick to install and produce results from the moment you turn them on.

From Unilux we can offer over 45 models of stroboscopic lights to meet your exact needs. From portable battery powered units to wide area fixed-mount units, Unilux lets you look at your product like no one else.

When required we are happy to send our strobes on trial or to visit to demonstrate on site.

Unilux is the only company that provides a full family of both LED and Xenon stroboscopic lights enabling you to select the best light for you needs. Be it flood or spot, fixed mount or portable, Unilux has the correct light to match all of your applications.

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Euroto supply a large range of extremely dependable static elimination and static generation equipment from Fraser AntiStatic.

From Passive eliminators, such as brushes and tinsel, to ionised air guns for removing dust and static, along with blowers, up to our AC short range bars and DC long range bars. Our latest Jupiter bar with a built in microprocessor can remove static up to 1.5metres away from the substrate.

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All the products we market will assist your company in:-

  • Reducing waste
  • Reducing downtime
  • Improving efficency
  • Improving quality
  • increasing profitability

Should you experience a problem or failure with your products, we have experienced engineers on hand to evaluate problems and provide cost effective solutions to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

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