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Everwell Occupational Health provide convenient & flexible Occupational Health, Health Surveillance & Medicals, Sickness Absence Management and other related Services to all types of organisations from SMEs to large single & multiple site operations, for both private and public bodies across the UK. From single referrals or a single day's health screening through to full-time comprehensive cover.

Sickness Absence Management

Everwell can help you reduce the disruption, loss of productivity and general management time wasted dealing with sickness absence issues. We can facilitate the much faster return-to-work of your employees after a spell of sickness absence than otherwise would be the case if things were left to run their own course. The early intervention of one of our highly experience Occupational Health professionals, be it an Occupational Health Advisor or an Occupational Health Physician, can produce rapid results.

We offer a full range of sickness absence services from telephone consultations and one-off referrals through to regular on-site surgeries, case management and sickness absence policy development.

Sickness Absence Management

Health Surveillance & Medicals

Everwell has a UK team of Occupational Health Nurse Advisors (and/or OH Doctors) ready to come to your site to complete a comprehensive range of medicals or occupational health surveillance activities. Our occupational health testing service is convenient, effective and minimises any effect upon the employee and production.

Everwell's Health Screening service can be tailored to meet your requirements. We simply pick from a menu of medicals designed to cover the relevant regulations such as, any HSE regulations or HSE health surveillance guidance, COSHH, Noise at Work Regulations, Working-Time Directive, CLAW regulations, etc... This on-site workplace health surveillance includes:

  • Spirometry (Lung Function) Tests
  • Audiometry (Hearing) Tests
  • Skin Surveillance
  • Night-shift Worker Medicals
  • Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) - (White Finger)
  • Forklift Driver Medicals (Or similar: lift-trucks, other plant & machinery, company vehicles, etc...)
  • Display Screen Equipment User (DSE) Assessments.
  • And more....

Each of the above services can be carried out singularly or in any combination and on your site as part of a regular service or simply undertaken as a one-off exercise. It can be for any size of organisation from 4 to 4000 employees!

Workplace Hearing Tests / Audiometry

Everwell Occupational Health offers, a UK wide, on-site audiometry testing or, as it is often called, hearing testing service. As with all Everwell’s other Health Surveillance services, our hearing tests are very convenient, simple to engage and cause minimal disruption with each hearing test only taking 15 – 20 minutes per person.

The hearing test service is designed to be compliant with the statutory Health Screening requirements as laid down by the HSE or more specifically the Noise at Work Regulations (2005) for those employees exposed to noise at work.

Whether you require 5 or 500 tests please contact us today to see just how flexible and convenient our on-site hearing / audiometric testing service can be.

Workplace Hearing Tests / Audiometry

Spirometry / Lung-function testing

Everwell Occupational Health offers a UK wide, on-site spirometry testing or, as it is more often called, lung-function testing service. As with all Everwell’s other Health Surveillance services, our spirometry tests are very convenient, simple to engage and cause minimal disruption; with each lung-function test only taking 15 – 20 minutes per person.

The spirometry / lung-function is compliant with the statutory Health Surveillance requirements as laid down by the HSE or the COSHH regulations (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002) for substances identified as respiratory sensitisers.

Please contact us to see just how flexible and convenient our spirometry / lung-function service can be.

Spirometry / Lung-function testing

Forklift Truck Driver Medicals

Everwell Occupational Health offers a UK wide on-site service for completing fork-lift driver medicals or plant operator medicals. As with all Everwell’s other Health Surveillance and Medical Screening services, our fork-lift driver medical service is very convenient, simple to engage and causes minimal disruption with a basic medical review taking only 30 – 40 minutes per employee.

The service is compliant with the statutory Health Surveillance requirements as laid down by the HSE or more specifically the medicals are based around conforming to the HSE guidance laid out in the HSE document “Safety in working with lift trucks(HSG6)”.

Similar medicals can also be conducted based upon “working at height” medical criteria.

Forklift Truck Driver Medicals

DSE Assessments

One of Everwell’s Occupational Health Advisors can come to your office/site and undertake a thorough Display Screen Equipment or DSE assessment for your DSE users.

Using an OHA is particular useful for a DSE assessment for those people who are already complaining about a health problem related to using a computer (whether it is a back ache, upper limb problems, RSI, etc…) because they are able to explore the wider medical side of any issues and therefore can offer a fully considered answer with appropriate medical advice.

Everwell is happy to undertake single or ad hoc DSE reviews or to assess a whole workplace. We can offer this DSE assessment service across the UK.

DSE Assessments

Night Worker Health Assessments

Everwell Occupational Health can provide the annual Night Worker Medical assessment required under the Working Time Directive. We offer either a simple health questionnaire assessment (minimum requirement)or convenient on-site medical assessments (best practice) throughout the UK. We will tailor our delivery to best suit your requirements and minimise any disruption to your employees or production schedules.

And if we are coming to site to complete Night Worker Medicals, why not combine it with any other health surveillance or occupational health requirements you may have, such as hearing tests, lung-function assessments, forklift driver medicals, etc...?

Occupational Health Assessments

Everwell can arrange Occupational Health assessments, referrals & reports throughout the UK. We have OH Advisors & Doctors located in all the major towns & cities who we can call upon at short notice to conduct an Occupational Health Assessment for you. We are happy to arrange a single referral or to set-up a larger referral programme. We can also arrange for the Occupational Health Assessments to be carried out at work, employees home or at the Occupational Health Doctor's premises.

So whether you require one or more referrals, a workplace Occupational Health Assessment, a home visit or wish to send an employee to see an Occupational Health Physician we are in a position to help you.

Occupational Health Assessments

Manual Handling Training

Everwell Occupational Health is able to offer Manual Handling Training for all your employees.

The course encourages staff to look at ways that moving tasks can be avoided or minimised and how to apply safe lifting techniques. With a mixture of theory and practical exercises, we aim to ensure that all participants feel able to take care of themselves and their colleagues both at work and home.

Course Details

This course has been designed to provide workers with the skills and knowledge they need to undertake manual handling safely and to help decrease the risk of musculo-skeletal injury to themselves or others.

Who should attend?

All staff who are required to conduct manual handling activities


½ day programme (can vary depending upon clients’ needs, for example a 2 hour programme for office workers or a 1 day programme for more complex working environments such as multi-task roles within a factory setting). 

Ideal course for SME's also available.

Manual Handling Training
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