We produce animated and simple videos for businesses. We do almost all videos types from simple slideshow based videos to fully animated videos. You will not find that many video production companies that even do animation. Furthermore, even if they do produce anaimated videos we doubt they will be as competetive as us. We can create you a "full flavoured" exciting and sometimes humorous video. These are online and can be shared on your website, by email and on your social sites. We target make explainer videos, marketing videos, sales videos, promotional videos, training & e-learning videos. Videos for any prupose.

Not only do we create videos but we offer full support aswell.

We host you videos on our own video hosting website. It is important that your video plays from vertually any device, any operating sysem or operating system and we provide that. Furthermore, hosting your video on your own website is dangerous. Most website hosters do not provide enough broadband for videos to play hassle free. Your video with us will not present you with the problems you may have found with other peoples videos, like not playing, being very slow and gittery.

We also provide basic website optimsation features. Your video can be shared on YouTube and other video sites too. These can have key words and phrases. What is more you can attach a sitemap of your video to your own website. The result will be that you get more traffic and search engine ranking should improve.

We will work with your website developer and ensure they udnerstand how to optimally utilise your website, It is important that your website designer is reasonably technical although all our insructions are very easy to implement. Any good website designer should find it a breeze and charge you very little for this.

After watching the video we offer the abililty for to collect their basic contact details (e.g. name and email address). If it is sales video you are collecting leads. If it is a training video you might be ensuring everybody watches it.

We  also provide basic video analytics, like how many times was the video watched, how long on average was it watched etc.

Put it simply we are niot afraid of you looking up our competition. We believe we offer a very full package and as we are young we are trying to attract new customers with extremely competitive prices.

We are not a hard sell company. If you provide all the details of what you requre on the quote page of our website we can probably give you a good ballpark figure without talking to you. Here is the quote page http://www.evideobiz.com/quote.html.

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