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We supply efficient and cost effective treatment services and systems. Our water and wastewater treatment systems include Stranco®, Memcor®, Wallace & Tiernan®, Portacel® and Electrocatalytic systems.

We provide electrochlorination processes where salt is converted by electrolysis into low-strength liquid chlorine. We use different electrochlorination processes depending on the application required.

Activated Carbon

To remove organic and inorganic contaminants from groundwater, surface and process water, wastewater and air/vapour streams, we use granular activated carbons and filtration systems. Our activated carbons provide a cost-effective solution for vapour and water filtration requirements.  

Hydraclam® Water Quality Monitor

The Hydraclam® Water Quality Monitor is a purpose built system for monitoring of water quality parameters within the potable water distribution system. It fits directly onto standard water hydrants which are typically found in chambers located in most streets or end-user premises. The unit is part of the Clam family of products. The Hydraclam® is designed to monitor both Turbidity and Pressure; the Chloroclam® is designed to monitor Chlorine levels.

The data is then uploaded via GPRS to a secure website. It can be used for targeted water monitoring within identified problem areas or more ideally, located throughout the distribution network to provide a comprehensive view of water quality.

Chemical Feed and Disinfection

We are the leading provider of chemical feed and disinfection solutions to suit even the highest demanding applications.

Our chemical feed and disinfection solutions provide a wide range of technologies and includes:

  • Analysers and process controllers
  • Chemical metering pumps
  • Dry chemical feed equipment and control
  • Gas feed equipment
  • Chlorine dioxide generation

Laboratory Water Products

We provide pre-treatment and point of use laboratory water products to the laboratory industry. Our laboratory water products include unrivaled water treatment and water purification systems and accessories to suit your individual specifications.

Membrane Filtration & Separation

We provide membrane filtration & separation systems suitable for wastewater, industrial process water and drinking water requirements. Our membrane filtration & separation systems use innovative system designs to suit a wide range of applications.

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