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E.W.Equipment was founded in 1973 and has grown steadily over the following years. We now have a large customer base covering the whole of the UK and Europe.

Originally specialising in work holding & Tool holding equipment. we now have an extensive product range covering most machine shop applications offering quality products at competitive prices. If your individual solution is not listed, do not hesitate to contact us: E.W.Equipment will find it.

Ritmar Drill & Tap Extensions

Ritmar Extendrill is a combination of extension rod and interchangeable collets, used for both machine and hand drilling. Extendrill is rugged so can be used in drilling the toughest materials such as titanium and stainless steel. It is extremely accurate and easy to use, with dull or broken bits being replaced in a few seconds.

The Ritmar tap extension eliminates the need for expensive, hard-to-get extension taps. Quick changing of broken taps without having to use a wrench and can be used for either machine or hand tapping. The Ritmar tap extension combines accessibility with accuracy. Each extension is designed and precision machined from high quality tool steel for a specific tap size.

Ritmar Drill & Tap Extensions

Haier Products

The Haier product range includes the following:

Quality spindle nose tooling

Machines, devices and tools

Balancing machines

Shrink Fit machines

Clamping systems for drills

Clamping systems for drilling tool and milling cutters

Clamping systems for shaft milling cutters

Measuring Instruments and adjusting devices

For detailed product information visit our website for further contact details.

Haier Products

Threading Technology

Emuge product range includes:


Cold-forming taps



Thread milling cutters

thread rolls

You can request a full catalogue by contacting us directly.

Emuge uses modern production methods, like dry machining, threat cutting or cold-forming with minimum quantity lubrication, high-speed cutting, thrilling and circular thrilling ect. and can offer you a wide variety of specifically developed precision tools.

Franken HSSE Milling Technology

Frankens product range includes the following main product groups:

End mills and slot drills

Die-sinking cutters

Shell end mills

Gear cutters

Solid carbide milling cutters

Milling cutters with indexable inserts designed especially for the die and mould industry

Reamers and countersinks

Clamping tools and milling cutters

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Kwik Switch

Quick Change Machine Spindle Tooling.

Kwik Switch was designed to provide optimum performance and efficiency in a tool holding system that allows tools to be changed in seconds using a self-locking shallow angle taper.

The locking angle taper provides a more rigid seat for the tool adaptor and allows it to withstand greater cutting vibration and cutting forces without allowing the tool adaptor to loosen. This also guards against tool drop out or loose tool damage.

These features also contribute to a higher horsepower to be transmitted which means higher feed rates.

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Spindle Tooling

Extensive range of tooling to suit all needs


One stop source for all types of collets.

Pull Studs

A full range of standard and specials available.

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