Exeter Analytical UK Ltd

Exeter Analytical UK Ltd

Exeter Analytical is a company dedicated to elemental analysis. We manufacture and supply instrumentation for the determination of Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Sulfur and Oxygen. We also run a full analytical service laboratory called Warwick Analytical Service.

Exeter Analytical sell the world renowned CE440 Elemental Analyser with its unique horizontal sample introduction. Widely regarded as the most accurate and precise elemental analyser on the market today. Capable of analysing a wide range of sample types from simple organic materials to difficult to combust refractory type materials.


Warwick Analytical Service

Warwick Analytical Service offer a comprehensive analytical service including:-

Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Sulfur, Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine, Fluorine. Metals Analysis (70+ elements via ICP analysis). Optical Rotation, Mass Spec, NMR, FTIR, ParticleSize, Thermal Analysis,other analytical techniques available upon request.

Warwick Analytical Service hold a wide range of accreditation including BSI ISO 9001, UKAS ISO 17025, GMP Compliance.


University Of Warwick Science Park Barclays Venture Centre, Sir William Lyons Road Coventry CV4 7EZ United Kingdom