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Experian is the leading global information services company, providing data and analytical tools to clients around the world. This includes a comprehensive business checking service offering first-class information on every blue chip company through to small business start-ups.

We provide a bespoke service to give you accurate and cost-effective results to meet your requirements. We have an impressive database with over 7.8 million Limited companies and over 2 million non limited companies.

Business Credit Check

Our business credit check service enables you to credit check a business using our extensive range of online reports. Our online business credit check service provides you with fast and efficient reports, director information and financial background.

We provide you with decisions instantly at extremely competitive prices. 

Company Credit Check Service

Our company credit check services provide you with a complete picture of a business’s financial health. We enable you to trade with new customers, by knowing who you are working with.

Our company credit check allows you to agree payment terms and ensure you are always paid on time.

Business Credit Report

Our business credit report provides you with an accurate picture of your customer’s financial situation. By using a business credit report you are able to take on new business without the risks and costs of fraud and potential slow payment.

Credit Check

Unless you are receiving upfront payments, your customers will require credit. By seeing a Business credit check report for a new business customer you are able make informed decisions on what credit terms to extend to them.

Our quick and easy web-based Business credit check system provides you with instant access to the databases you require.

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