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EyeC GmbH is a leading vision technology company, based in Hamburg, Germany. We are focused exclusively on high performance print inspection systems for high quality printing applications.  

Owing to the outstanding performance of the Proofiler and ProofRunner systems, EyeC's business has been doubling each year for the past five years. This has enabled us to increase our engineering and development capacity to bring even more powerful products to the market. 
  EyeC has partners and distributors for sales and service in Europe, North and South America, Australia and the Far East.

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Off-line Print Inspection

The Proofiler is an off-line print inspection and proofing system which can be used by a printer for pre-press file to file comparison (compare the print ready file to the signed-off proof), press set-up (comparing the first impressions to the signed-off proof) and outgoing quality checks. The Proofiler may also be used by the printer's customers for incoming inspection (checking AQL samples against the signed-off proof). It is available  for  inspection of printed sheets sized A3, A2, A1, A0, B1 and B0 or larger. Options are available for Braille checking and barcode verification. It has a superbly simple user interface that an operator can learn in a few minutes.

  Using a technique patented by EyeC, the Proofiler uniquely can automatically locate and inspect every 'up' in a repeat against the customer signed proof
Off-line Print Inspection

In-line Print Inspection

The EyeC ProofRunner™ >> More Information

Finally there is an easy way to check all your prints against your customer proof! With an EyeC ProofRunner™ you get automatic 100% inspection of all items across the web, content verification against your customer proof as well as the best mix-up prevention you can imagine – right on the press or on a rewinder. The process is simple and yields accurate results; so you can rest assured that you will print exactly what your customer expects. Inspection results are instantly available and can be used for immediate corrective action. This gives you the means to completely control and monitor your printing process and to avoid scrap. In short: 100% inspected, 100% content verified and 100% compared to the customer proof!

Smart >> More Information

The EyeC ProofRunner™ uses a compact, high speed line scan camera to continuously acquire a high resolution image of the entire web. A high performance computer system then identifies all printed items on the web and tracks them through the entire print- or converting run.

The same computer also performs an intelligent comparison of each printed item against the customer proof. The advanced pattern analysis of the EyeC ProofRunner ™ is capable of distinguishing between the different types of defects, so every significant deviation will get caught and displayed while permissible fluctuations caused by the printing process itself – like minor registration errors or small squeeze marks around individual letters – can be automatically passed.

Through the prepress-link to the signed customer proof even content errors resulting from mistakes in the preprint-area can be detected like:

  • typos

  • reversed colours in graphical elements

  • wrong font or font attributes (bold, italic etc.)

  • incorrect character spacing

  • missing special characters or accents

In-line Print Inspection

Artwork File Comparison

Proofiler Graphics from EyeC is a powerful software comparator that is used in pre-press departments for print proofing and to compare graphical files, for example PDF to PDF, TIFF to PDF, JPEG to BMP etc; ultimately the customer proof can be checked against the RIP'd print-ready-file, including step & repeat files and impositions. 

Whenever a new version of an existing artwork file is being created, you want to be absolutely sure that
  • all required changes have been implemented correctly
  • and no further alterations have been introduced inadvertently

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Artwork File Comparison

Barcode Verification

Your labels, leaflets or cartons require barcode verification? For Barcode and 2D scanners click here

If you use the EyeC Proofiler for checking for content errors and other flaws, you don't need a separate barcode verifier. If equipped with the optional Barcode Inspection, without any additional time or effort, the EyeC Proofiler will automatically identify and locate all barcodes on your print sample, and verify each particular barcode for compliance with either CEN/ANSI (ISO 15416) or the Traditional Verification method. In addition, the barcode content can be verified. If the inspection result does not meet your pre-defined grade, an alarm will be set so you can control and monitor the accuracy of your barcodes. The Proofiler barcode option verifies most commonly used 1D barcodes and now it can verify 2D codes such as Data Matrix and RSS codes to International standards.
  In addition, a barcode report is prepared, including all relevant measurements as specified in the applicable ISO code, such as   
Scan Reflectance Profile   - Decode - Edge Contrast min - Symbol Contrast - Modulation - Minimum Reflectance Rmin - Defects - Decodability
Barcode Verification

Braille Inspection

You are printing for the Pharmaceutical Industry? Your product range includes printed Braille or embossed Braille on pharmaceutical packaging (as required by EU Directive 2004/27/EC) and thus requires Braille inspection?

Now this task may be performed by the EyeC Proofiler as well as checking for content errors and other flaws. If equipped with the optional Braille Inspection Module, the EyeC Proofiler can inspect Labels or Cartons for correct layout and placement of Braille in accordance with Marburg medium on the packaging material. It can also check height and shape of embossed Braille.   The Braille is checked for:
  • Correct embossing/printing (Braille points where they should be, no Braille Points where there should be none)
  • Quality of embossing/printing quality with the necessary tactility
  • Correct placement in relation to the artwork
Braille Inspection

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