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Frank Smith was the designer of the flow switch during the Second World War. It was produced as a way of guarding large Mirrlees diesel engines against a loss of cooling water.

A range of additional flow instrumentation products were designed and added to the portfolio with temperature, pressure and level devices all manufactured to the same rugged specification. A flameproof range was also designed for use in coal mines and petro-chemical installations.

Our flow instrumentation products today include: mechanical and electronic flowmeters, flow, temperature, pressure and level switches, flow indicators and sight glasses, exhaust gas temperature monitoring systems, fibre optics shaft wear gauges.

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Exhaust Gas Temperature Monitors

An exhaust gas temperature monitor in a diesel engine offers an extremely reliable indication of both the efficiency performance and health of the engine. Incorrect temperatures can cause burnt valves or faulty fuel pumps, blocked maladjusted or dirty injectors.

The Bamford AJAX exhaust gas temperature monitor is designed to provide the operator with easy to read temperature measurement together with an instant display indication of individual cylinder performance.

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Exhaust Gas Temperature Monitors

Variable Area Electronic Flowmeters

The Ajax Smart CMS2000 variable area electronic flowmeter is perfect for the measurement of fuel oil, hydraulic circuits, gases and water flows. It has a high accuracy, wide turndown ratio and good repeatability as well as being compact, strongly constructed and can cope with high pressures and temperatures.

The variable area electronic flowmeter has an in-built temperature sensor and can be fitted with a pressure sensor, all in the same unit. The board has flexible output options and all the signals can be transmitted as analogue or RS485 digital outputs, thus allowing up to 30 flowmeters to be connected to a computer on a single 4 wire loop.

Variable Area Electronic Flowmeters

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Variable Area Mechanical Flowmeter

The Variable Area Mechanical Flowmeters Series CMS were designed for accurate measurements of most types of liquids in the harshest of environments. The design is based on a spring loaded variable orifice in which the flow causes a sharp-edged plunger to move within a female cone. The movement is balanced by a spring such that it is proportional to flowrate. The plunger carries a magnet which transmits the movement to the indicating pointer.

The variable area mechanical flowmeters are manufactured from non-ferrous materials and are therefore suitable for most liquids including sea water and oils. The screwed end connections are free to rotate, allowing easy installation and lining-up. The flowmeters have been extensively tested by the Royal Navy at the Admiralty Research Establishment, Halsar and are used in the chilled water systems of many of the Navy’s Ships, as well as on other systems in the engine rooms.

Variable Area Mechanical Flowmeter
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