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"An independent specialist connector distributor"

Lane Electronics is a stockholding and assembling distributor, with some 35 years experience in connector distribution.

Supported by approvals to QPL, CECC, BS9000 and ISO9002, we are able to offer a wide range of connectors and accessories from our vast stocks of assembled connectors and piece parts, on an ex stock basis or on a short manufacturing lead time for assembled products.

Bulkhead Circular Connectors

Wealds LMF multi-contact bulkhead circular connectors are suitable for use in exposed environments and are available in a range of shell styles in three shell sizes.

In addition, the connectors can be produced with a variety of plating options including RoHS compliant finishes and a clean finish brass version used extensively in the nuclear, petrochemical and mining industry.

 For lightweight use, LMF bulkhead connectors come housed in aluminium shells with fine thread couplings while, for more heavy duty requirements, they come in brass shells with a course thread. Both types are IP67 rated.

LMF connectors are rated from 5 to 60A and can be supplied with 1 to 25 solder contacts. Operating temperature range is from -40ºC to +85ºC.

Thermocouple contacts can also be supplied as well as EMC 360ºC screen termination. In addition to the usual bulkhead fixing arrangements, Weald has included a model with a single fixing hole, secured in place by a specially designed jamnut.

Bulkhead Circular Connectors

Lane Has The Edge for Edge Connectors

Designers looking for modular edge connectors will no doubt be aware that Viking Interconnection Systems ceased production towards the end of last year depriving Viking customers of a reliable supply of edge connectors, particularly the popular and established VMA series of 0.100in (2.54mm) pitch modular edge connectors.

While we still have a small quantity of Viking product in stock, customers looking to source VMA series connectors will be very pleased to learn that we are manufacturing, in house, VMA equivalent edge connectors under the ITW McMurdo brand.

Lane Has The Edge for Edge Connectors

Professional Entertainment Connectors

Neutrik is recognised as the leading manufacturer of audio, video and lighting connectors designed specifically for the high-end entertainment industry. Neutrik is the company behind such connector brands as speakON, powerCON, etherCON and XLR.
The speakON cable connectors are for amplifier to speaker connection. The 2, 4 and 8 pole connectors feature a robust plastic housing, Neutrik's unique locking mechanism and touch proof contacts. The 2 and 8 pole versions have a 30A rating while the 4 pole version provides up to 50A for speakers carrying more than 1000W.

powerCON is a three way AC connector with live, neutral and pre-mating ground contacts. It is the perfect solution to guarantee a safe and reliable power connection.

Neutrik's etherCON is a ruggedized and lockable RJ45 connector system optimised for professional audio, video and lighting network applications.

Professional Entertainment Connectors

MIL - DTL 38999 Series 111 REV l /Zinc Nickel

Zinc Nickel - A unique Souriau plating process alternate to cadmium.
RoHS compliant - A unique Souriau plating process compliant with RoHS regulation for cadmium and Cr6+ restriction.
The first QPL qualified - The Souriau Zn Ni is the first solution which has been qualified by US Defense authority (DSCC).
Available for the whole 38999 Series III aluminum range.
High corrosion resistance - 500 hours salt spray.

MIL - DTL 38999 Series 111 REV l /Zinc Nickel

Bronze MIL-DTL-38999 Series 111 /Jvs

IECQ-CECC75201-002 Marine Bronze Connectors

These exceptional bronze connectors and backshells from Souriau can handle the most extreme conditions found in military, aerospace and marine applications.

Layouts available with all contacts from the MIL-DTL-38999 range - signal, coax, Quadrax, power, fibre optic etc.
Exceptional resistance to salt water corrosion.

Many bronze backshells available including non-environmental strain relief backshells, EMI/RFI cable sealing backshells, heat shrink boot adaptors and backshells for screen terminations. 

Bronze MIL-DTL-38999 Series 111 /Jvs
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