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We are proud of our track record in helping clients move forward in life. Whether they need clarity in a specific area, or stuck in a rut, we are on hand to help. We cover all areas of wellbeing including weight and fitness, stress and health improvements. Further to this, we have helped people with goals with work and careers, relationships both personal and professional and even have what we believe to be a unique niche with wedding coaching. For more information, please contact us.

DISC personality profiling

DISC profiling is a superb tool for many areas of life and business. A simple series of questions will help you gain greater understanding of collegues, family and clients alike.

For business, profiles will assist with potential recruitment, team dynamics and conflict resolution. Create better rapport with staff and management. Learn how best to motivate and retain vital members of the team. Gain this competitve edge and create the ultimate customer experience.

With relationships, understand what makes people tick. Understand the best way to resolve issues. Discover how your profile interacts with others and how to effectively build rapport and make lasting connections. 

As fitness coaches, gym owners or instructors, again you can build up client or team dynamics, resolve potential conflicts. Discover which way best to motivate individuals. Happier clients equal longer memberships and profits. Effective team progression help towards that winning formula.

As parents or those in education, there are child and teen profiles. The benefits here are to understand what profile the kids have and how best to enhance rapport, discipline and emotional bonding. Learn what fears they may have and how to counteract these. The parent/teen clash is often a source of stress, but you can build your understanding and confidence in dealing with these issues.


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